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ILTC Staff Preparation

Posted on 06/26/2011 @ 06:10 PM

Welcome to the ILTC 2011 Blog!


Staff preparing elective programs.

The staff has all arrived at Camp Perlman and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the participants on Tuesday. During the past few days we have been hard at work planning, cleaning, organizing and preparing the camp for your arrival. Over the past few days, we have become a staff team that is ready to bring amazing programming and experiences to our participants and to ensure that everyone at ILTC 2011 has an amazing time.

"As a coordinator, everything I dreamed ILTC to be when I began working on this project is starting to come true, and I am so excited for all the teens to get here because they are what all our hard work is all about" Says Jason Gordon, AZA Teen Coordinator.

"We have so many exciting things planned, ILTC 2011 is going to be a summer that the participants won't forget!" Says Sharon Leshner, BBG Teen Coordinator.

We would like to introduce each of our staff members, who come from a wide variety of geographical locations and each bring skills to make ILTC amazing. We have with us:

  • Gary Levin (Director)
  • Alex Bolotovsky
  • Michael Chakoff
  • Jayme David
  • Jen Fallick
  • Marissa Feinman
  • Mike Fox
  • Shelly Frazier
  • Nicholas Ginsberg
  • Jason Gordon
  • Yoni Hadad
  • Sofit Hadad
  • Rebeka Handler
  • Eruc Hunker
  • Aaron Iovine
  • Nikki Jenner
  • Ian Kandel
  • Rabbi Drew Kaplan
  • Jessica Kobren
  • Alex Langer
  • Sharon Leshner
  • Francesca Littman
  • Lawrence Nadel
  • Adam Quigley
  • Glen Sadle
  • Camille Sevilla
  • Lauren Shey
  • David Siegal
  • Zach Singer
  • Shoshana Torn
  • Deb Tozer

Keep an eye out for frequent updates here on this blog. We will be posting often about life here at Camp Perlman, ILTC activities, as well as some "guest" blogs from some of our participants.

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far, and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!


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