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Rope Burn - Maccabiah

Posted on 07/08/2016 @ 03:39 PM

On the Fourth of July we had Maccabiah. All the teams had two people participating in rope burn. All the pairs went into the woods by the amphitheater to collect wood for our fires. We climbed down into a hole and grabbed dry dead branches and carried them to our stacks. Each team had gigantic stacks of wood. People were collecting small kindling sticks, scavenging for sticks and we even tugged some of the dead trees for our piles. After more than two hours the wood collecting time was over. The pairs then all went down to the lake to get ready for the challenge. The staff carted all the wood over to the lake and each team was partnered with another team for the rope burn, we combined our wood together in three piles and were preparing for the event. The safety staff debriefed us on everything we needed to know and hung the damp ropes at six and a half feet. The newly created groups of four discussed our plans and began our 30 minute pre-lighting building time. My team made a small log cabin and put some twigs and leaves in the middle, we build a teepee around it, followed by another log cabin and teepee. Everyone started to enter the amphitheatre and our madrichim got the water buckets ready. When it was time to begin each group was given three matches, my team got our fire lit with the first match, the other teams had more of a struggle and needed to wait a minute for each additional match after they used their first three. Our fire was growing quickly and started to char the rope. We kept feeding the fire but the wind was so strong so our fire while it was high was too far in front of the ropes. The other teams then began to grow their fires as well and it became a closer race. We were all trying to move our fires back so it would burn the rope, we build the fire back and used a big log to push the fire toward the back of the fire pit. As my team kept adding sticks the fire was growing, we accidentally put a stick that was a little too big on our teepee. Our fire collapsed because of this and we started to build our fire as a mound now. The fire still kept growing but the wind was so strong so the fire was still in front of our rope. The fire was getting really hot we kept hydrating and staff kept sponging us down to keep us cool. The other teams kept growing their fires and all the fires were big. After about 30 minutes the first group caught their rope on fire and it burned through soon after. We were pushing to grow our fire that was starting to get smaller. We took everything we had left and put it in the fire. A few minutes later the second team also burned their rope. We were still trying to get the rope to burn. Throughout the whole event everyone was cheering for all three teams. We were trying to get the rope to burn and we were so close. The other teams were trying to burn their second rope. Then everyone started running out of wood and the fires were starting to get too wide and everyone was so hot. The challenge was over a few minutes after. We still didn’t burn our rope, but we had a great time. Afterwards all three teams ran into the lake to cool off. It felt so good. Everyone had a great time and it was by far my favorite part of the day.

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