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Shabbat at ILTC!

Posted on 07/11/2010 @ 12:29 PM



Hi Everyone!

We had another wonderful Shabbat together. Please read below for details (which includes departure and return shipping information):

Friday: July 9th:

We celebrated two birthdays, Lauren Goldberg and Evan Kimel, and at dinner we sang them happy birthday and their dorms enjoyed warm chocolate cake!

7:45AM: Optional Shacharit (Morning Prayer): Led by Dorm 8 (Dorm of the Day)

8:30AM: Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)

9:30AM: All Region Meeting, Leadership Topic of the Day: Judaism. Participants learned and discussed ways to infuse Judaism into their programming.

10:00AM: Mock Region Meetings: Participants delved in deeper to working with Judaism in their programming and a few regions worked on their evening programs.

11:45AM: Morning Snack

Noon: Creative Arts: Teens had their seventh creative arts session including everything from ceramics, 3D Art, 2D Art, improvisation, israeli dancing, lego modeling, jam band, intramural sports, and video yearbook.

1:00PM: Aruchat Tzoharaim (Lunch)

2:00PM: Shabbat Planning

3:00PM: Chofesh (Free Time): Teens spent most of Chofesh preparing for Shabbat.

6:30PM: Menorah Lighting: We all gathered in the large quad to light our ILTC menorah and transition from a busy week to a peaceful Shabbat. Teens reflected on their time at ILTC with various stories and poems.

7:00PM: Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

8:00PM: Shabbat Services: Participants in the Friday Night service put together a reflective and musical service. A traditional service was also offered.

9:30PM: Region Planned Evening Program: Kallah: Judaism: Finding your Jewish Identity through peer to peer lead discussion and reflection questions.

11:30PM: Evening Snack

Saturday, July 10th:

9:30AM: Aruchat Boker

10:15AM: Saturday Morning Services: Teens had the option of attending a meditative service or creative/traditional service.

11:45AM: Shabbat Elective: Teens choose between a variety of electives including meditation, Israeli culture, faith versus reason, change management, Jewish college life, the art of Chassidic melody, and Shira.

1:00PM: Aruchat Tzoharaim

2:00PM: Shabbat Elective

3:00PM: Chofesh: Teens spent time hanging out at amphitheater, large quad and small quad, also playing sports and music.

7:00PM: Aruchat Erev

8:00PM: Shabbat Reflection: Participants choose between three options – guided meditation, group discussion, or nature hike.

9:30PM: Havdallah

9:30PM: Region Planned Evening Program: Kallah: Social Action: Global Philanthropy causes with a focus on poverty and medicinal means in Africa.

11:15PM: Evening Snack


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