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Inside Scoop on the New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Posted on 06/24/2014 @ 06:00 PM

Today at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans we started by helping to clear out a cluttered storage room full of supplies for the veterans. Some of the group went off and cleaned trash cans, other moved laptops, and two even moved a bed. We were really there for anything they needed. The cleaning, while hard work, ended up being fun and a great bonding experience for all the teens.

The feelings of the group seemed to be positive all around; even the people cleaning trash cans felt that they were doing a great thing once veterans personally came up to them and thanked them. Everyone was excited to complete the first day of real work at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. Although the work was not direct, it really felt like we were making an impact. Personally, we couldn’t wait to get a chance to talk with the veterans about their experiences, which we did during lunch.

Everyone seemed to meet very different people and everyone got something different from each conversation. We spoke with a man who told us about his life outside of the army and the benefits and struggles he also had. He has lived with significant disabilities for thirty-six years, and has only recently filed for disability with the government. He directed us to another man who was a highly decorated colonel in Vietnam, Joseph. Joseph now has dementia, but luckily he still has a perfect recollection of his experience in Vietnam. One common thing we found in our group was that everyone was very passionate about wanting to help the veterans and bring what we are learning back home with us.

Ross Abrash (Eastern Region) and Jake Victor (Great Midwest Region)

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