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Hot in Boston

Posted on 06/26/2013 @ 03:00 PM

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The theme of Impact Boston thus far has been HOT! Yes the weather has been delivering us 90 degree plus days but that has not stifled the teens’ energy as they finished their third day at their service sites.

After a feeling out period on Monday the groups have been diving in head first as they connect with the people at the sites and eagerly learn about the causes that they are working for. Whether it was building concrete benches with neighborhood kids in the public housing projects of Waltham, walking door to door to advocate for voting in the Dorchester neighborhood with Youth Force or working and advocating for many other causes throughout the greater Boston area, our teens never once relented to the heat.

Another enriching part of the program has been the teens taking the time to study and learn Jewish texts and how they connect to service and advocacy and then turning around and teaching these texts to their peers in group learning that we call Connections. This has been an eye opening experience for our teens on many levels.

We have made sure to keep the teens comfortable by providing fans for their dorm rooms, buying special ice cream and ice pop treats and always making sure that they are hydrated. The spirits have remained high and tonight the heat seems to have finally broken.

Watching the teens faces, listening to them talk with such passion, feeling their energy…that is what is truly the hottest part of Impact Boston, not the weather. Your teens are truly making an Impact while learning more about not only their causes but also about themselves. We have begun to touch the souls of the teens here in Boston, and we are privileged to watch the transformation!

Please continue to follow us on this blog, as well as on facebook and twitter (see hashtag #impactboston2013) and feel free to share all of these wonderful developing stories with friends and family and beyond!

Have a great night!

Jeff, Shimshon, Casey and the Rest of the Impact Boston Family


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