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Impact Boston 2012 Session 2

Posted on 07/16/2012 @ 11:00 PM

Impact: Boston - Spotlight On: New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Before Impact: Boston, here's how we would have described a person who is homeless: "Grumpy" - Alyssa "Violent and addicted to alcohol and drugs" - Meryl "Dirty, unshaven" - Renee "Unfriendly" - Sterling The New England Center for Homeless Veterans is a unique center that provides food, shelter, and other services for homeless veterans. The veterans can use it as a resource for rehabilitation and recovery and as a way to reintegrate themselves into society. For the past five days, we've been working with residents to help with the flow of incoming donations and other tasks. We've been sorting their clothing donations to put out in the store for the veterans to use, helping out in the kitchen, serving meals, and making the beds the veterans sleep in at night. We also get the chance to interact with the veterans during their lunch time. During that time, we get to hear their stories, about their current lives, and just talk to them about how they're doing and what they do in their spare time. However, we don't just talk about their lives. They also ask about our lives and what we like to do, allowing us to make real connections with the veterans. Now that we've had the opportunity to work with the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, we know that: "Hearing their stories helps to influence us to make smart decisions in our own lives and steer away from the mistakes they made." -Heather "The world is unfair, but we have the power to make a difference." -Alyssa "We won't make assumptions about people." -Meryl "We learn not to make the same mistakes they made that caused them to end up homeless." -Zach "I've gained empathy for people experiencing homelessness." -Alon "They're just like you and I" - Aryeh "Before Impact: Boston, I never would have stopped to have a conversation with someone who is homeless." -Kelsey " I am now sympathetic to the cause and am able to understand the homeless people's situation." -Michele Alyssa Fischer, Charlotte, North Carolina Aryeh Furman, Palo Alto, California Alon Cohen, Palo Alto, California Michele Naideck, Rockville, Maryland Meryl Franzone, Clifton Park, New York Kelsey Jervis, Charlotte, North Carolina Heather Rotman, Duxbury, Massachusetts Zach Wolpoff, Potomac, Maryland Sterling Staffin, Dallas, Texas Renee Frederick, Houston, Texas


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