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Impact Boston 2012 Session 1

Posted on 06/26/2012 @ 11:00 PM

Impact: Boston - A Glimpse Into Community Servings

It has only been two days, but already we have received a massive amount of exposure to various community sites in Boston.  Even though we have only visited two sites that both serve food to those in need, they were very much different.

First, we went to Community Servings, a non-profit organization that makes, prepares, and delivers food to give to people who have chronic or terminal illness, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS or cancer.  The substantial cleanliness of the facilities was astounding.  They need to be clean in order to properly serve th clients.  We toured the kitchens and will begin working there tomorrow.  We're very excited.

Today, we took a side trip to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.  This time, we got to talk with the veterans who were there.  We heard their stories, and they were incredible! The veterans were funny, intelligent, and incredibly interesting.  We learned a lot from them, and we left with a better understanding of connecting to others.

While both sites were very different, they shared a common trait: they allow us to see the world in a different perspective.  At Community Servings, we realize we have limited time on Earth.  At NECHV, we saw hope in a place we did not expect.  Both gave us a new perspective on life, and both allowed us to take something back from this experience.  The following days shall bring even more powerful insight, and we are very excited to experience it.

The Community Servings Group:
Blake, Devyn, Diana, Emilie, Hayes, Jessie, Jillian, Katie, Kayla, Melanie, Melissa, and Sarah


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