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Impact Boston 2012 Session 1

Posted on 06/27/2012 @ 11:00 PM

Impact: Boston - A Glimpse Into WCI

Over the time I've spent with the consumers from WCI I have gotten to know their personalities so well.  I have realized how great of people they are.  So far we have done art projects on site with the consumers, as well as gone bowling with them.  Overall I have had such a great time! - Haley, Raleigh, NC

At first, it was scary.  A different environment, with different people, and we didn't know what to expect.  Nervous to meet hte consumers, after the first firendly hello from an individual at WCI, the experience has become a blast.  From helping out with art projects like beading and painting, to bowling with the consumers and eating lunch with them, everyone is so sweet and friendly, and they appreciate all the attention we give them.  Everyone is so funny and loving, and the time spent here at WCI is so rewarding. - Amanda, Toronto, ON

I had a lot of fun today.  It was a really fun experience to go outside of Brandeis and hang out with everyone.  I really got to know them and formed a relationship.  I look forward to hanging out the rest of the time. - Lara, Charlotte, NC

In the beginning, I was very nervous about working at this site, but the second I strated seeing their smiling faces and tehir happiness, the nerves all went away.  On the first day, we worked with a few of the consumers in art and helped them make beads out of paper.  They were all so excited when they accomplished anything, even as simple as making beads.  I enjoy spending time with them because of the happiness in their eyes. - Jessica, Coral Springs, FL

At first I was kind of worried.  I had never worked closely with people who have disabilities before.  But the more time I spent with them the easier and more fun things became.  It's really fun and now I can't even remember why I was worried in the first place. - Grant, Winston-Salem, NC


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