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Posted on 06/28/2013 @ 04:31 PM

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Work, community, and independence. WCI was named well. During our 7 days on site at Impact: Boston, we’ve learned what the true definition of community means. Through all of our experiences with the individuals and the staff on location, we’ve gotten the chance to know what working with those who have disabilities is like. However, our group leader, Ben, was also a big part of our experience. Currently in rabbinical school, Ben was a supporter of not only WCI, but also us. All 9 of our group members were able to connect with each other and the individuals on site. We each have our own stories with different people; but we all created memories.

She shook my hand and said that she’d remember me forever, that’s when it hit me that I did make an impact. The memories I made at WCI will forever remain in my heart. –Julia Zwillenberg

When I walked in, on our second Monday I went upstairs hoping that everyone I had connected with in the previous week would still remember me. It was just my luck that people did, one person who stood out to me was J. J was often temperamental and could even be physically hurtful, I never saw that side of him. When I walked in the room he got excited and screamed “Maya, Maya, Maya come sit next to me” J and I talked for over an hour about everything ranging from his excitement over yogurt & spaghetti to his family. He and I got along, and I will never forget how he constantly told me he would miss me, he has impacted me soooo much, and I hope that I helped him in my time at WCI and that he will remember me, that’s my impact.

The individuals are no different than us, they just have a different way of thinking. –Fanya Mozeshtam

There are so many people I have met and stories I could tell about my past week at WCI. But what sticks out the most to me was Friday, playing Wi bowling with C. She was having trouble controlling the remote by herself so I would hold her hand and guide it as she swung the ball. After each time, we high fived and she smiled like it was the best day of her life. Towards the end, when it was somebody else’s turn, she came over and sat next to me on the couch, gave me a pat on the back, and held my hand for the rest of the game. I knew I had made a friend.

WCI is a special place where everyday we affect the individuals and they affect us. We hope to bring these experiences home as our time here comes to an end.


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