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What About You? A Look at Hebrew Senior Life

Posted on 06/30/2014 @ 05:00 PM

My name is Brandon Nussbaum, and I'm volunteering at Hebrew Senior Life. During havdallah, we discussed our futures in our community service lives after IMPACT: Boston is over. Despite this, the future for the residents at Hebrew senior life is not so bright. They have already lost a majority of their families, and soon, unfortunately, they'll follow their families' footsteps.

Our mission at Hebrew Senior Life is to guarantee as bright of a day and as bright of a future as we can for them. This includes playing games, watching movies, creating artwork and initiating conversations about their past lives. I've personally had experience working with seniors as musical entertainment, but never really communicated with them one on one.

I communicated and made connections with many different seniors this week, some of whom keep surviving in their 90s and even their 100s, some who deal with memory issues such as Alzheimer's and some who always have a smile on their face and behave as if nothing could ever go wrong. I've learned how to build connections with an older generation. I've learned communication skills such as attentive listening and asking appropriate questions. I’ve learned how simple it is to make their entire day just by smiling, shaking their hand or saying "hello." But most importantly, I've learned this: senior citizens may be old and very different from teenagers, but they're just as human.

In society, there should never be a gap between black and white, abled and disabled, or young and old. Senior citizens have so much to provide to our young generation and deserve as much respect as anyone else. Creating a connection with the elderly is just as significant as creating a connection with the person you're currently sitting next to in your circle group.

When I return to my home city of Dallas, I'm going to ensure that I treat all senior citizens with the care, treatment and respect as they deserves.

But it's not just about me. What about you?

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