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Topsy Turvy Type of Day!

Posted on 07/14/2014 @ 06:00 PM

Welcome to another edition of the IMPACT: Chicago 2014 blog! Today we went back to our service sites. At Montgomery Place we did a meet and greet, while hanging out with residents. We played a familiar BBYO ice breaker by passing a beach ball around that had questions on it. The residents of Montgomery Place were very active and enjoyed this game. We learned a lot about their backgrounds from asking these questions. We ended the morning by reading the residents the news and discussing major current events like Lebron leaving Miami for Cleveland, and Germany winning the Word Cup.

After we got back, we had lunch and chofesh (break). Following, we all gathered and went to see the Hazon Topsy Turvy Bus at the University of Chicago Hillel. The Topsy Turvy bus travels from Colorado to Connecticut for 6 weeks, and teaches people about environmental sustainability. We were joined for the program by teens from the Great Midwest Region of BBYO. We ran four rotations with the educators from Topsy Turvy. The first was a tour of the bus and an overview of how they live and how the bus functions. The second was making a smoothie from riding a bicycle! The blender sat on the back of the bike and the blades were powered by us pedaling. The third rotation was baking cookies in a solar oven. We learned about four different types of portable solar ovens. The last rotation was learning about how they acquire the vegetable oil to power the bus and how they convert it to be usable for their needs.

The last activity of the night was working on our group presentations. We are presenting on Wednesday to explain what each group’s service site does and thank the program coordinators for working with us.

Tomorrow is our last day at our service sites and we are all very sad that it will come to an end. More to come from IMPACT: Chicago!

Alex Hoffman Pacific Western Region Los Angeles, CA

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