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Working Hard to Make a Difference

Posted on 07/16/2014 @ 10:00 PM

Today, we started off Impact DC with our Limmud (Jewish learning) sessions, where each group analyzed both secular and Jewish passages that revolved around the values of dignity and respect. We discussed how listening is the ultimate form of respect, and shared our past experiences of feeling respected and disrespected. After our Limmud session, everyone went to their assigned service group. My group travels to multiple sites and we went to the Capital Area Food Bank with another group. Once we arrived, we went into a giant room with a conveyor belt, where food was sorted and packaged into boxes. Being able to talk to the volunteers was particularly interesting. I met a man named Luke, who was volunteering with fellow coast guard friends.


Jenny Park doing community service at Capital Area Food Bank

Later in the day, we learned Israeli dancing, which was definitely a highlight in my day! It was so fun and everyone seemed to love it and let loose. Next, we had broke up Into our states groups, where my group worked on our campaign about Israel, which is what we will be lobbying for next week in front of our Senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey.


Impact DC teens participating in Israeli dancing

After, we wound the night down with our circle group to reflect on our day. Lastly, some friends and I went to get Fro-Yo to top off the night (literally and figuratively!) It was the perfect way to end the night. I'm eager to continue volunteering around the DC area and feel I'm benefiting as a leader and advocate. The experiences here really open me up to the real world, and I've realized how lucky I am to be so fortunate. Volunteering is so rewarding for me and it's inspiring to know my friends and I are impacting others lives.

This blog post was written by Jenny Park (Keystone Mountain Region)

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