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Jammers Lobby on Capitol Hill

Posted on 07/22/2010 @ 10:58 AM

Impact: DC Jam 2


Hi, my name is Seth Lipshutz and today during Impact D.C. JAM our group of 'JAMMERS' got to go and lobby on Capitol Hill. Lobbying was an amazing experience for everyone on this program. Each one of the 'JAMMERS' got to go to each of our respective state Senators and Representatives, depending on the situation, and talked about issues that effect both our communities and nation.

During my personal experience going to meet Senator Lautenberg and his Legislative Correspondent, a fellow JAMMER and I were able to lobby him on the issue of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Me and my fellow New Jersey citizens, were then able to get a picture with the senator himself and talk about where we are from and where we go to school.

After leaving the Senators office a few of the campers, one counselor, and myself ran into Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and Noah Weinberg, another camper, was able to lobby her to vote for The Dream Act. Before the left she said, “Go home and tell your friends that you just won a Senator’s vote.” It was incredible.

After the group left the Senate building we walked to Union Station to get some lunch. After lunch we used our gallery passes to watch the Senate in session. It was amazing, considering we saw Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. After watching this for a few minutes, a few of us left Capitol Hill, but most of the group watched the House of Representatives vote and pass a bill.

With all of the scorching heat and hustle and bustle of the metro station, the day was very good and we were all able to share an amazing experience on Capitol Hill we won't soon forget.


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