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Update #4

Posted on 07/11/2011 @ 06:09 PM

Shabbat in Jerusalem

On our first Shabbat, we warmly welcomed Helen, a social activist who brought forward four different view points and four different and distinctive characters. We were taken on an unexpected and shocking journey as we were engaged in her many realistic outlooks on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Helen first introduced herself as an ultra orthodox woman, and a religious extremist. She expressed that she believed that the land of Israel will not be the true "Holy Land" unless and until every Jew practices the Jewish religion strictly as written in the Torah. It was a very touchy subject for many of us and our reaction to her was a strong one.

She then removed a layer of her costume to reveal herself as a more secular Jewish woman who would support Israel wherever she went. Her views on the Conflict were not quite as extreme.

To our great surprise, she stripped yet another layer of clothing off to reveal a "not so observant" Jewish woman. Her views were more laid back and showed us yet another point of view regarding the conflict.

Her last character was an Arab woman, and she expressed her yearning for equality among the Arab and Jewish people in Israel. It was interesting to hear from a non-Jewish perspective.

Finally, Helen revealed her true identity and wrapped up a very moving and inspiring session.

~Arielle Opler

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