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Day 2 of IMPACT: Milwaukee

Posted on 07/12/2011 @ 02:22 AM

Imagine: a group of Jewish teens so excited to not only 1) start serving the community after a day of observation, but 2) to keep the bond of our friendships from CLTC 3 2011 and see how we can travel together. Whether it’s hanging at the pool and playing water basketball or it’s working on painting for the All-City Peoples parade, we grew closer with every act of kindness done for the Milwaukee community.

I really enjoyed helping out the diverse Milwaukee community and interacting with a variety of people. We started out at the Plankington Mall making hats and costumes for the All-City People’s Parade that will take place on this coming labor day. I liked how we had a different experience than I expected because we did not directly see how it affected the people. Even so, I learned that community service is not just cleaning up parks but instead, any act to better a society.
-Jason Epstein (NTO)

After a couple of nice hours of working on painting for the Milwaukee All-City People’s parade, we got the chance to go swimming at the JCC water park. I enjoyed the pool a lot because it gave us time to sit back, relax, and bond. We all took the swim test as the park requirements and found ourselves laughing at each of us looking so intent on passing something as easy as swimming 15 feet without drowning and treading water; something we all grew up doing, but never really thought we would have to prove it. During our time at the pool, we played sand volleyball, laid out, went down the kiddy slides and played basketball in the pool. It was a nice relaxing time for all of us to bond closer then we all ready are.
-Erika Lowenthal (Michigan)

In one day, we bonded more than we did over these past two AMAZING weeks. To start off this bonding, I encountered my first Midwest-style storm. Through my shock and awe, we all learned and expressed the simple things of weather differences on the bus ride to Milwaukee. We continued to bond in all of the service work we did, by sharing stories, laughs, sorrows and the occasional JCC French fries. We asked questions, wanted to do more, and help out. We discussed how Judaism’s morals and values fit in with the Impact program. Many concepts were touched like Tikkun Olam, being there for others, and the quote “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” Other profound subjects were discussed as we spent hours talking. As this last final full day came to a close, we all looked around the circle of us and hoped we would see each other again. We are all boarding our flights tomorrow, but can’t wait to serve again in the morning. The simple bus ride chats and those over lunch were ones that will remain in my, and others’ memories for a long time. For now, we set off to IMPACT all that we can.
-Zoey Rosen (PCR)

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