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Day 3: Plant It Now, Dig It Later

Posted on 07/13/2011 @ 01:22 PM


Today in Milwaukee, our IMPACT group helped Chaplain Regina Williams plant a suburban farm/garden with the Plant it Now, Dig It Later Program. Something known as a “food desert” is a common thing in not-as-wealthy parts of Milwaukee. There are not enough supermarkets in neighborhoods, and things such as fresh produce have become a rarity. Families are forced into getting fast food to try to get healthy food they need, often resulting in starvation of nutrition. The planting of urban gardens, such as the one we worked on today, helps in the effort to bring fresh produce, and therefore nutrition into the community.

We planted in the small plot of soil in Regina’s yard, digging rows and putting down fertilizer. The thing about this service project was that the results were immediately visible, in that we had planted all these flowers and vegetables and made Regina very happy. This experience has really helped me in thinking of ways to help my community, and I’m inspired to learn more about IMPACT Boston and DC.
- Jake McCoy, Cotton States

Today we helped make a spin garden, with the coolest lady of all time, Regina Williams. The program, Plant It now, Dig it later which was made to make food more accessible for people in under privileged neighborhoods, who are in the Milwaukee food desert, which is miles without good fruits and vegetables. I felt like I was having a impact because, I always thought, that either you have food or you don’t, not that even if you have food you are still not getting the right kinds of it. It also opened my eyes seeing what it’s like a poor neighborhoods, which is something a lot of people don’t get the chance to experience.
- Yours truly, Ben “El Guapo” Walters/AZA Southern-Atl

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