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Impact: Southwest 2 Underway!

Posted on 08/03/2010 @ 05:06 PM

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Impact: Southwest 2

Both groups are off and running.


After long drives full of good conversation and ice breakers the Impact groups made it to their destinations on the Hopi and Navajo Reservations. After arrival at their sites and meeting their hosts, participants began to understand what this program is all about. Camps needed to be constructed, kitchens needed to be built and duties needed to be delegated. Participants worked hard to set up their homes in the outdoors and everyone is adjusting. Both our hosts Phil (Navajo) and Iva (Hopi) gave us very gracious welcomes and gave us a picture of what the days to come have in store.

Service, learning, sharing and fun is what our groups will encounter while staying with their hosts. The group on the Navajo reservation will be helping to build a home for a veteran returning home from service, while the Hopi group will help with painting and constructing various structures around the village. As our groups perform service they will have the chance to interact and exchange with the Native American people. Participants are discovering the similarities between Judaism and the Hopi and Navajo cultures. A strong connection to their desert homelands as well as the struggle to find the balance between tradition and modernity are just a few. Each day, discussion around these topics as well as other Judaic and cultural themes will take place during a designated time called, Limud.

Our Panim/BBYO educators have put together a great series of topics and themes for Limud and these conversations and exchange of ideas are sure to add to the experience. As well, before each meal there will be a group of participants who will introduce and share a moment of Kavanah or meaning. This is designed to get the participants thinking about how fortunate many of them are to have the things that they do in their lives back home. It is a time to pause, think, and be thankful

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