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Life in the Mountains

Posted on 08/10/2010 @ 03:58 PM

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Impact: Southwest 2


Before the groups headed to the mountains they met with Deer Hill Base Camp staff for a re-supply. The groups had an hour or two to swap stories of hard-work and cultural enlightenment. There seems to be a healthy rivalry over which group is having the most fun and who got the most done. I can assure you both groups made the staff proud and impressed their thanbkful native american hosts, no matter which site, Hopi or Navajo. They bid farewell to each other for three more nights.

The mountain portion is underway and it is going well. Both groups are deep in the majestic Rockies, exploring and experiencing the outdoors.

There have been scenic hikes to the top of peaks and the wonderful exchange of ideas and beliefs continue around the campfire.

It has been fun to watch each group come together as a unit and a family. That type of support and trust goes a long way during the challenging hikes and outdoor adventures.

Many participants were skeptical about reaching the tops of the mountains (13000+ feet) but they have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and attempted things they never thought possible. This type of self-discovery will hopefully carry over into everyday life and give our participants the confidence needed to do things they never thought possible. It has been a true life-changing experience.

We return to Base Camp on Wednesday for a program wrap-up. Groups will hold talent shows, take showers and hold their final circle discussions to reflect on their time shared together. So much has been accomplished and so much has been learned.

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