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Navajo Group Update

Posted on 08/03/2010 @ 05:30 PM

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Impact: Southwest 2

Written by Abby from Silverlake, Maryland


In the morning we had a discussion about our group and how we wanted it to function, we then departed. We drove for about three and a half or four hours south through New Mexico and into Arizona. The trip was really beautiful. The majority of the drive was through the extensive Navajo Reservation which is stunning in a desert-zone-y way. We kept seeing huge outcroppings of rocks, towers, and mesas. They were even more impressive because of the dramatic nature of the Southwest sky. The sky here is huge, and constantly shape-shifting into uniquely beautiful cloud formations. For example, right now I see some gray rain clouds, some puffy white smoothed over cotton ball type things, and some really intense looking clouds that look like they have a scientific name that I can’t recall. Also, there is a little bit of bright blue sky in one direction and a slightly larger amount of dark bluish gray sky in the other. I am not sure if it is from the on setting darkness or the rain. It is really cool though, that you have about 360 degrees of vision, and can see it raining in the distance while you’re still dry.

Speaking of rain. It rained on and off throughout our lovely drive. I spent the drive down alternatively talking to my teammates in the back of the van and writing a letter in my journal. After Phil Bluehouse’s introduction we raced to set up camp before the water hit. Everybody got wet to some degree but we are drying off now. I found out that I’ll be wearing hiking boots pretty much the entire trip because when the ground got muddy from the rain my flip-flops accumulated twice their weight in mud.

Then, we got a kitchen orientation and while the dinner crew cooked and the Kavanah crew found some thoughts to share with everyone, a lot of the group tried to move the outhouse that was facing an unsatisfactory direction. We start service tomorrow. One of the Kavanah thoughts was about how we all do a little part of the jobs that need to be done, because we are all workers completing a house master plan. We’ll just be building a foundation, but, it’s a part of an ongoing process to make the world a better place. I’m looking forward to it!

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