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Reflections from Impact: Southwest Teens

Posted on 08/05/2010 @ 04:36 PM

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Impact: Southwest 2


Last night we slept underneath the stars, it was beautiful. Everyone in our group gets along really well, we are like a family. It has been amazing out here on Hopi. Its an experience you can never forget.
Las Vegas, NV

A few days ago I was on lunch crew. We didn't know it at the time but we weren't supposed to be in the area we had set up in because it was a sacred place. 3 year old Richard and 8 year old Veronica told us that the open area is only for the Kachina to go in. After lunch, we were shown the place where children are told the Kachinas boil lazy children and children who fight with each other. They also showed us a sacred spring. I stuck my finger in and licked it. We also learned that you aren't allowed to touch certain round rocks in this areas because witches live there. If you touch the rocks you have to pick them up, spit on them and throw it hard at the ground so it breaks. It was a great experience learning about Hopi culture and religion.

We sleep in tents, with ground clothes, 3 people per tent. Our host Iva's back yard has amazing rocks. Happy Birthday Brian!
-David "Crocket" Schonfeld
Potomac, MD

So every morning we wake up and get to watch the sun rise high in the sky. At 7:30 everyday, we have a Jewish spirituality lesson called Avodat Lev. To me, there is no better place to be able to give these things as much thought as we have. We've practiced meditation, learned to appreciate daily miracles, and truly thought about where our food has come from.

Every night we have a power circle where we all listen to each other about whatever we have to say. Its really just an enlightening experience to be out here and I really think its changing all of us for the better.
Akron, OH

The last few days have been pretty amazing. Our Judaic instructor "Dan-Dan" is pretty cool. There are familiar faces from SoCal BBYO, Suzanne, Brad and of course Steven. We traveled 6 hours to our Hopi reservation where we have been doing a lot of work. The first workday we put new cement on the plaza steps. Then, we came back and ate dinner. The next day we did the same thing and we also dug up a foundation for a new house. At night we went to a Hopi food presentation and demonstration that was really interesting, we all were given Hopi cookbooks.
Los Angeles, CA

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