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Settling In at Impact: Southwest

Posted on 07/21/2010 @ 10:52 AM

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Impact: Southwest 1


Our first day volunteering on the reservation has been good. Our group cleaned out the area where the Kachina dancers will be performing and resting on Saturday. We pulled weeds, cleaned up trash, shoveled dirt, and set up benches for the dancers. Feeling accomplished and sweaty, the group now knows how rewarding this experience will be and how much further we have to go. - Hannah Yacknin-Dawson

The participants are doing great! They set up camp and have cooked their own meals with ease. The group is becoming more comfortable with each other and with the outdoor nature of the program. We have met and had meaningful discussion with our host Kenny and some of his family members. It has been neat to discover the similarities between Judaism and the Hopi. Each day we will have a lesson built around this idea. Last night at circle, we discussed our own Jewish identities and what it means to each of us to be Jews. We shared stories about the times we felt most connect to Judaism and the moments when we were most proud to be Jewish. Needless to say, the exchange of ideas and experiences has really helped to bring the group together.

Over the next few days we will be visiting the springs, and the Hopi cultural museum. As well, we will continue to help the Hopi prepare for the Homedance. Each day will bring a different service project as the cultural exchange continues.

- Steven

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