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Kallah Blog

BBYO’s Judaic immersive summer program that explores the way participants think about Judaism and its role in their lives.

Kallah 2016 Blog Updates Coming Soon!

Posted on 04/20/2016 @ 05:00 PM

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We’re pumped for Kallah 2016, and hope you are, too! Check back here once the program starts for live updates all session long!


A Change of Pace

Posted on 07/23/2015 @ 04:09 PM

Through the eyes of someone who has already been at Perlman for close to four weeks, Kallah has been a nice change of pace. Only a few days into Kallah, Perlman Camp has already transformed to a calm environment with people who care about diving into their Jewish identities.

Whereas ILTC is focused on utilizing Jewish teens to grow and shape BBYO, Kallah is aimed towards utilizing BBYO to grow and shape Jewish teens. Kallah participants attend shacharit services almost every morning. Because of this, all participants are given the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of ways to worship and gain a better understanding of their personal relationship with Judaism.

Surrounded by all of their best friends throughout the Order, Kallah participants are given constant choices that contribute to their journey throughout their time at Perlman. Limmudim, Sivuvim, Chugim, services, and more are all chances for teens to learn more about the global Jewish community and where they can find themselves in it.

Hannah Asofsky, BBYO Lonestar Region


Limmud: True, but Twisted

Posted on 07/22/2015 @ 01:25 PM

"A place to find your jewish identity." — I always wondered why people always said this about Kallah mostly because I have no clue what my jewish identity is. I felt very nervous and uncomfortable coming into Kallah because it was a big step outside of my comfort zone. At ILTC, I knew what to generally expect because I devote a lot of time to BBYO throughout the school year. Kallah is completely different because it focuses less on BBYO itself and more on Judaism and my place in it. My amazing friends in addition to the incredible staff and Madrichim are helping me through this journey. In the first few days, I have already learned so much. Through Rabbi Meir Tennenbaum’s Limmud sessions, the Kallah slogan is becoming a reality for me.

In Limmud sessions, everyone is able to choose a topic and Jewish educator they want to learn about. In my session with Rabbi Meir Tennenbaum, we have been analyzing various stories from the Talmud including Gam Zu L’Tovah and Eleazar ben Dordia. I have always loved reading stories and finding their deeper meaning, but I have no experience analyzing the Talmud. Rabbi Meir makes analysis easy and at the end of every session the messages I’ve learned make me feel like a better person.

Today, we explored the story of Gam Zu L’Tovah and discussed how optimism is so important. We talked about the power of positive thinking and I already see a change in myself. The story talks about the difference between waiting for a bad situation to pass and realizing that an unfortunate situation is meant to happen and will end up helping you in the future. I’ve learned that it is important to always have a smile on my face at Kallah and savor every second of it because there is no time for negative thinking.

Meredith Harris, Greater Jersey Hudson River Region: Northern Council


Welcome to Kallah

Posted on 07/19/2015 @ 04:08 PM

Most BBYO programs are all about BBYO. Teens learn about how to be better leaders, how to recruit more members, how to run a chapter; pretty much everything that would come in handy in a BBYO high school career. Kallah is a totally different than any other BBYO program because it focuses all on Judaism and spirituality. Teens from all over the world came to B'nai B'rith Perlman Camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania to learn about themselves and their Jewish beliefs.

On Tuesday, July 14, buses rolled in through the gates and Kallah officially began. The Kallah teens were greeted by their friends who were already at camp from ILTC, and there was excitement in the air as everyone caught up with old and new friends. The first night, we were introduced to the incredible coordinators Brittany and Jonah, the amazing Madrichim (a group of BBYO alumni and International staff), the educators from all over the world, and the leadership staff who makes sure everything runs smoothly. As we were introduced to the different activities offered to us, the excitement built up and we were ready to begin our spiritual journeys.

I have never been anywhere that has an atmosphere like the one here. I can tell that everyone is here to learn and have fun. I can tell that everyone feels relaxed and in his or her element. During meals, most tables are talking about the activities they participated in during the day and intense discussions that arose during different programs. There are debates everywhere over meaningful topics, and everyone here is strengthening their minds by the minute. In just a few days, we have already dug so deeply into our souls and learned so much, and the whole camp is anxious to discover what they will take home with them at the end of the summer.

Maddie Fleischmann, Southern Region: Atlanta Council


Kallah 2015 Blog Updates Coming Soon!

Posted on 03/26/2015 @ 05:00 PM

Tags: kallah

We’re pumped for Kallah 2015, and hope you are, too! Check back here once the program starts for live updates all session long!


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