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My Kallah Experience, by Alli G.

Posted on 07/19/2011 @ 07:00 AM

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Visiting a local Orthodox synagogue in the area and learning from the Rabbi

We're on the second week of Kallah, and I already know that I'm not going to be ready to go home by the 31st. Kallah is an amazing environment – it's the only place I know where people make friends by talking about their religious beliefs, and thinking doesn't make you weird. The backdrop is incredible – even when it's raining, it's beautiful. I was placed in a class here about spirituality and nature, and this morning we talked about the Jewish beliefs on plants and animals. Because this is one of the ways I personally connect to my Judaism, these discussions are really interesting to me.

But the best part of Kallah for me is the opportunities I've been given to participate in the activities I already love. I'm in a group here called Kallahcapella, and we'll be performing at Cafe Kallah at the end of the session! We're talking about doing 4 songs, but I can't tell you what they are – it's a secret! I am very active in choir at home and am creating the a capella arrangement for one of the songs here, and could not be more excited. I also did a theater elective today, and discussed working with Valerie, the drama director, on getting ready for college auditions in some of my free time. Kallah is amazing because I can get these experiences that I would be having at home, but in a great place and with a Jewish perspective. Relating theater and music back to my personal spirituality makes this program great for me.

I'm looking forward to everything I will learn in the next two weeks. Yesterday, I was asked when I've felt most at peace with myself and connected to G-d. Without a doubt, it is here at Kallah.

By Alli G, Mid-America Region St. Louis Council


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