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Arrival and Day One

Posted on 07/15/2011 @ 07:00 AM

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Teaching about the different approaches to Judaism

Kallah 2011 has officially begun! Participants began arriving yesterday and were welcomed eagerly by staff, coordinators, and fellow participants who had continued their stay at Perlman from ILTC. Everyone was soon reunited with old friends and quickly began meeting new people. The evening began with nightly Mincha, dinner and icebreakers to get to know everyone a little better. After a small snack, everyone returned to their dorms to get acquainted with the people they would be living with.

The first full day kicked off with a breakfast of pancakes and cereal, followed by a Shacharit service. After the service had ended, each dorm was guided through camp by their assigned staff member to get them acquainted with the facilities and where everything would be taking place. They then split up into groups where educators and specialists went around to introduce themselves and to give the teens an idea of their role at camp was.

The afternoon continued with the first meeting of Shabbat planning groups, where the participants are given the opportunity to put their own spin on how Shabbat services and the overall Shabbat experience is run. Next, the teens were again split into different groups for more introductory activities to get acquainted more with fellow participants. The final program of the day was an evening activity centered around pluralism. Each group was given a different denomination of Judaism, either orthodox, conservative or reform. They then were given issues which face Judaism as a whole and had to look at the issue from each denomination to learn about how people of the same religion can view the same topic differently.

Overall, it has been a great first day here at Perlman and we all look forward to an amazing few weeks!


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