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Kallah Kicks Into Full Gear

Posted on 07/17/2011 @ 07:00 AM

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Learning about Philosophy while enjoying the weather

Everything here at Kallah has begun to get into order and routine has begun to emerge. Thursday morning began with a service based on the concept of "What If G-d Was One Of Us?", where participants not only did the traditional morning prayers, but also were able to engage in some religious philosophy. 101 Sessions have begun, and our educators have been hard at work teaching about varying topics of Judaism. Topics of discussion include philosophy, Jewish beliefs on nature and life, and other specialty topics on verses from the Torah. Thursday evening included a life cycle program, where participants went to different stations to represent different stages of their Jewish lives (for example, at one station, a mock Jewish wedding was held). The night then concluded with a song and dance session before bed.

Friday began with 101 session rotations again, followed by the first family group meeting. Within these family sessions, participants meet with their dorms to discuss what they have learned thus far and to express the effects that the experience here has had on them. They then were presented with all of the Chugim (creative arts) options, which vary from 3D art to acapella to video making. After filling out their top choices, they went back to their dorms to begin getting ready for Shabbat services.

Tonight, we will have our first Shabbat service with all of the Kallah participants. Several services will be offered, including traditional services, creative services, and musical services. Participants will get to choose which best suits their taste, or will be able to branch out and try something they may not have ever experienced before.


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