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Kallah Day 2

Posted on 07/19/2013 @ 06:00 AM

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The second full day of Kallah is in the books! Once again we had Shacharit and Mincha (which are daily occurrences at Kallah), but we also several other activities that made our day a great success.

Firstly, we had Limmud Kallah for the first time. This program is based off of the international conference, Limmud (Hebrew for teaching), which puts together a retreat that connects Jews from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and brings in Jewish educators to teach a variety of classes. In our version, we had 4 rounds of classes taught by members of our educator team and a slew of guests. Each round teens chose the class that intrigued them most. Courses offered included "Lady Jew" by Kallah educator Emily Hyatt, "Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation" by guest Jonah Potasznik, "Adam and Eve as You've Never Seen Them Before" by Kallah educator Rabbi Moshe Saks, and "Organizing for Social Change" by guest Alon Mazor.

Our night program was a very unique experience as we visited one of our neighbors, Camp Morasha. What made tonight so special is that Camp Morasha, in addition to the two other camps that were visiting along with us, is an Orthodox Jewish summer camp. Our teens got to spend several hours interacting with teenagers their age who live an Orthodox lifestyle.

To start off, Teens from all four camps were split into small discussion groups (which had members from each of the camps), where they shared with one another basic information about themselves such as their hobbies, or what their Bar (or Bat) Mitzvah was like. Later on, the teens participated in a lively session of rikkudim (Israeli dancing) together. The teens were able to get to know each other and ask all sorts of questions that may have been in the back of their minds, like how being Shomer Negia (when Orthodox Jews cannot touch members of the opposite gender until marriage) works. Many of our teens seemed very surprised to learn that beside dressing a little bit differently, Orthodox teens are just like them, participating in the same hobbies and rooting for the same sports teams. By the end of the night there was plenty of sharing of phone numbers and Facebook information between all of the teens.


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