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Kallah Day 6 and 7

Posted on 07/24/2013 @ 02:00 AM

Tags: kallah

Now that we're a week into Kallah, we've settled into a pattern. Mornings are spent with Judaic educators. Then, afternoons are spent in electives, such as chugim and specialist series, in which teens do activities ranging from acapella to making murals for camp. Finally, everyday ends with an evening program and perhaps rikkudim (Israeli dancing).

Yesterday's evening program was an Israeli narrative program, in which we explored our connection to Israel, whether it's from the classroom, from a visit, or because we've spent our whole life in Israel - like our shlichot (Israeli representatives) Nitzan and Orna!

Today's evening program was about 21st Century Judaism. We split up into 7 groups and created solutions to contemporary Jewish issues such as connecting Israelis with North American Jews, supporting stigmatized Jewish communities, and encouraging Jewish art.

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