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Kallah Blog Group Part II

By Kallah 2010 Bloggers on 07/24/2010 @ 11:05 AM

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Meet our Kallah bloggers:
Gabby Lewis, Jaime Maxwell, Yarden Arber, Peri Novick, Sam Schatzman, Joey Ben-Ami, Renee Fredrick, Paige Freeman, Sammie Hershorn, and Talia Katz.

They like to express their creative sides and salute Kallah in various ways...

Top Ten Top Things To Do In The Rain
10. Wear Rainboots
9. Wear raincoats
8. Get soaking wet
7. Play Frisbee
6. Stay inside
5. Use your water-proof camera
4. Jump in puddles
3. Trek mud inside
2. Scream/Freakout/Dance
1. Act like it has never happened before

Top Ten Reasons why We love Shabbat
10. Eat cinnamon rolls and challah
9. 3.5 hours of chofesh (free time)
8. Sleeping late
7. So much protein
6. Pictures for facebook!
5. Experiencing new kinds of services (especially with eric and zach)
4. Shabbat programming groups teach us leadership skills
3. Getting dressed up is fun
2. Chance to RELAX!
1. The atmosphere of Shabbat is so welcoming and exciting

Keeping it real
Always on time
Laxin’ in the large quad
Lots of laughs
Awesome educators
Hot hot hot (lol jk the weather changes all the time)


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