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By Kallah 2010 Bloggers on 07/27/2010 @ 12:05 PM

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Top ten about Woodburne
10) Coming home with things we don’t need.
9) Getting two slices of pizza, fries, ice cream, soda, chocolate, coffee, and Chinese food!
8) A store actually called Bubby's
7) Half of a store devoted to only headbands
6) Free books
5) Signs being in Hebrew and Yiddish
4) Seeing how different types of Jewish communities live and shop
3) Buying kippot and other Judaica
2) Bus rides
1) Thinking color war was the next day, but it was a fake again!

Color War Fakeout
Since the beginning of Kallah, participants have been wondering about the Color War games. When they finally announced the event on Israel night, the community was ecstatic. The theme was to be “Mustaches of the 90s.” However, when teens went to see who was on their team, the “team list” was merely a sheet telling us to go to bed and that there was NO COLOR WAR! Then, on our way home from Woodburne a week later, the staff finally told us our real Color War teams- Harry Potter houses. As we got off the bus, excited as ever, the Madrichim handed us instruction sheets- this time saying “Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s no Color War at Kallah!” Once again we were fooled. Will we ever have a Color War?

Chevrutah Work
For the last week of Kallah we have split up into small groups to research a Jewish topic that we have a particular interest in. After talking with one of the Judaic educations, Suzie, we chose the Reconstructionist movement. We had a personal connection with the topic which made us want to learn more about it. After researching we will be presenting to the Kallah movement. –Jamie and Yarden

When participants gathered in Katz to take pre-Shabbat pictures, the staff was alerted that severe weather was in the area. So to avoid the rain, we had menorah lighting, services, and dinner all together in the dining hall! The Friday night planning groups had to think quick on their feet to rise to the occasion, which they did wonderfully. Being in the dining hall brought us all closer as a Kallah community. Even though the weather outside was bad, the atmosphere could not have been more special.


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