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Kallah Blog Group Winds Down

By Kallah 2010 Bloggers on 07/29/2010 @ 05:05 PM

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Top Ten Things About The Mock Wedding
10) Aaron and Julia just met, and then they got married
9) Julia’s name isn't Julie, Aaron...
8) Everyone got really dressed up
7) Snacks and soda
6) Speeches and vows
5) We learned how to have a Jewish wedding
4) All of us danced as a community
3) Aaron and Julia went to marriage counseling
2) Dinner was delicious and cake for desert!
1) We are all so excited to get married when we get older!

Chevruta Learning Comes to a Close
For the past day or two, the Chevruta groups have been finalizing their presentations. My group has been researching Humanistic Judaism. We spent time in the library looking through books to study the philosophy behind Humanistic Judaism. We also made phone calls to several Humanistic synagogues from various parts of the U.S. to ask questions about their congregations, practices, and views. One synagogue emailed us songs that are part of their liturgy and we are usuing them to create a mock service to present to all the other groups workkng with Jason. -Renee, Lonestar

BBG and AZA Separates
On Monday, July 26, the BBG and AZA Kallah communities participated in special separates programming. The B’nai Brith Girls of Kallah offered each other inspiring words of advice and bravely told each other about some of their most emotional experiences. Not a single individual was left untouched throughout the program. Afterwards, the AZAs and BBGs came back together as one community to declare their faith and pride for Judaism.


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