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Posted on 07/24/2014 @ 05:24 PM

I am attending International Kallah because I am extremely passionate about being an active member of the Jewish community, and I wanted a forum to discuss some of my ideas with other knowledgeable teens.

Through the Limmud framework, participants at Kallah can attend various classes led by our very own Jewish Educators. The two courses I have taken are ‘Exploring Israel’, taught by Ian Kandel and ‘Sex and Beyond’ taught by Rabbi Allen Saks.

Ian’s course has two main foci: learning the roots of Zionism and learning about current pressing events in Israel, including the political tensions that exist. We explore the 2000 year old Jewish ideal of returning to our homeland, Israel, and review historical documents, such as the poem that Hatikva was taken from. Because of this course I feel more educated and capable of having intellectual conversations about the ethical and political situations in the country currently.

In Rabbi Allen’s course, ‘Sex and Beyond,’ we explore the expectations and stereotypes about sex in the Jewish religion. We also explore how these ideas have changed over time. We discuss the differences between men and women in sexual environments, and what is considered appropriate for each gender. Rabbi Allen has used readings, discussions, and TV shows (such as Seinfeld) to help teach about these topics. Both of my classes have given me a lot of information to take home with me, as well as allowed myself and my peers express our own thoughts on the class topics. I look forward to continuing my lessons in Ian’s class, as well as starting a new course, entitled ‘God Talk,’ which is being taught by Tali Adler, an instructor currently in rabbinical school.

Itay Barylka

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