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Settling in at Kallah

Posted on 07/12/2012 @ 05:07 PM

Tags: Kallah2011

"Alana Kessler is alive and well!" Lindsey Block was thrilled to see her friend upon arriving at Camp Perlman this afternoon and ran to hug her amidst the piles of suitcases and sleeping bags. The Leadership village was a flurry of activity and excitement this afternoon, as old friends rushed to meet each other and new friends met for the first time.

Even the staff was excited for the start of Kallah 2012. "It's great!" Ian Kandel exclaimed while overseeing the melee. The first day of camp is always full of activity, from the minute teens arrive until they finally settle into their bunks. Between the official introduction to camp, the cookout for dinner, and the evening's activity (exploring the meanings of their names and cultural identities), they hardly had a moment to rest.

Not every activity of the day was thrilling, however. Andrew Hartstein and Ben Koby even composed a haiku in line during lice check which they were eager to include in today's blog post.
"Ben and Andrew say
On the hot summer sidewalk
Lice checks suck a lot."
(A friend nearby tried to correct them, as they were actually on a lawn rather than a sidewalk, but he was promptly shushed. Ben and Andrew are clearly sticklers for keeping the proper number of syllables in their impromptu haikus.)

Trust the teens of Kallah to inject creativity and humor into even the most mundane camp moment. These young people are clearly some of the best and brightest, and thanks to them it looks like Kallah 2012 is shaping up to be wonderful already. Vlad Gutso travelled over 6000 miles from the Ukraine to attend Kallah and arrived energetic and ready to get the most out of his three week experience. When asked about his journey, he seemed completely unfazed by all the new people he was getting to know. "New meetings are good," he said with a grin, ready to socialize with his fellow campers.

"I'm so happy to be here!" Alana Kessler was overflowing with enthusiasm. "It feels unreal! I'm so happy to spend the next three weeks with my best friends!"

She seemed to speak for everyone, as the mood of the entire camp was celebratory and upbeat today. Asked to describe her mood in a single word, Melissa Raudt paused a moment to think and then smiled. "Jubilant."

A good word for a good day; Kallah 2012 has begun.


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