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Shabbat at Kallah!

Posted on 07/19/2010 @ 12:05 PM

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We hope you all had a wonderful, restful Shabbat and weekend. Our Shabbat at Kallah was a wonderful community-building experience. We held both traditional and creative services, which teens had the opportunity to plan, as well as a beautiful teen-led Menorah-lighting service, and a meaningful Havdallah experience. On Friday night, one of our Rabbis led some participants in a Tish – a traditional Friday night Shabbat singing and learning experience, while others had Shabbat Shira – a sing-a-long with our song leaders. Shabbat is a very restful time at Kallah, so many participants spent the day “just hanging out”, engaging in some Shabbat Chofesh activities, or having a good old fashioned nap. Saturday night, our educators took the stage in our first of two educator panels, where it was an “ask anything” opportunity for our participants; the educators gave different perspectives and opinions on the various subjects that came up. We ended the night with a rousing Shira (song) and Rikkudim (dance) session, a wonderful way to start our second week here together.

Today, we were back at it en force – it was a FULL day of programming! Our participants engaged in sessions all day on subjects ranging from Jewish Philosophy to Pluralism to the Jewish take on Relationships, and more. We took our all-Kallah photo, which you’ll find posted on our smugmug page really soon, and tonight, our participants engaged in a program planned by our phenomenal teen coordinators on the subject of prayer. We discussed our relationship with G-d, if we even have one, and our connection to the various communal prayers with which we engage each day.

This week, we have a whole lot in store; in addition to our usual sessions, we’ll be starting our Creative Arts electives, celebrating “Israel Night”, visiting with a local Orthodox camp, Camp Morasha, commemorating Tisha B’Av together, and celebrating yet another wonderful Shabbat.

Keep watch for more pictures, more news, and some messages from your teens that we look forward to sharing with you!

All the best,



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