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Going to the Hill

Posted on 06/28/2010 @ 03:03 PM

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Much of Sunday was dedicated to preparing for the lobbying visit the next day. The teens were divided into mini districts and assigned legislative positions so they could learn about the processes involved in legislating and politics.

On Sunday evening the teens were given their appointment packets that included all of the information surrounded various food and nutrition bills and their Member of Congress' voting record. The excitement was definitely building as the teens then wrote out their scripts for the appointments and practiced with each other.

All the informational sessions and activities they had participated in were really informing their speeches and their passion for this cause was easy to see.

On Monday morning everyone came together for one last breakfast. This time everyone was dressed their best. In suits and business attire the teens were nervously leafing through their information and presentations before heading out to Capitol Hill.

We took the metro at rush hour and made it to the Hill. After four days of learning and leadership training our 72 teens were transformed. They fit in perfectly amongst the pages, lobbyist and lawyers that mulled about the Senate buildings. They were informed, passionate and prepared.

During the appointments the teens shared their new knowledge and asked the tough questions. They shared their concern and wanted to know the steps they could take towards achieving change. They all left their meetings with email addresses and business cards in tow, and in fact two of our own were asked to be interns!

Monday was a great day for teen leadership!

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