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Summer 2012 "In Their Words"

From Parents:

“My husband and I concur that this was one of the most impactful two weeks of Lena's life (so far!). She not only made great friends, but also gained a significant feeling of independence while honing leadership skills which will guide her through her role as chapter N'siah in the coming year. Coming from a smaller city, we have to work hard to keep our children connected to the Jewish community. Lena segued from day school to a secular high school where she is one of few Jewish kids. BBYO is a great way to keep her connected with Jewish children from various backgrounds and different geographic locations. She loves it!” - Judy and Greg H., CLTC 4 parents

“A great experience that combines leadership training with Jewish identity. My son returned energized and eager to lead our local chapter.” – Robert K., CLTC 4 parents

“My son LOVED his experience. I got nothing but positive feedback from him the entire time he was gone. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. Thank you!!!!” – Joyce G., CLTC 6 parent

“Rebecca had only positive things to say about the staff, coordinators,trainers, guests, etc. She had a truly wonderful experience and i believe the feeling she came back with, will not only last for her remaining three years in BBYO, but for a lifetime.” – Nina L., CLTC 3 parent

“I think this is one of the absolute highlights of my children's BBYO experience. They went into it with high expectations and come home with more than they could have hoped for. Also, this is an opportunity for the kids lucky enough to be on Sherrie Stalarow's sessions to experience her incredible ability to make this experience unique and meaningful.” – Cathy B., CLTC 3 parent

“It is a fantastic program and I'm thrilled she did it. She LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!” – Marci P., CLTC 3 parent

“My son came back an even better version of the young man who I already thought was perfect! (hey, I'm his Mom ;) )” – Beth S., CLTC 1 parent

“She loved the experience. I hope she will take what she has learned and use it in her future leadership years with BBYO” – Cindee G., CLTC 2 parent

“I look at opportunities such as Kallah as an investment in my child and in Judaism. My daughter had not attended Jewish camps growing up due to the expense. I am more ready to make the financial commitment now that she is more mature. Kallah was 100% my daughter's idea and I supported her.” - Andrea C., Kallah parent

“Jess deeply enjoyed her experience working with Seniors at her site. She loved bonding with the kids she met on the program. She loved the off-campus visits to Boston, Harvard Yard and Newbury Port. And she loved forming deeper connections to her Jewish identity through BBYO. Thank you!” – Karen W., IMPACT: Boston parent

“She feels great about the experience and the new friends she met. While the service had some impact, the other teens and the experience itself had more of an impact” – Chris K., IMPACT: Boston parent

“I think BBYO is fantastic in its programming and how they instill teens with confidence and independence.” – Marcie D., ILTC parent

“My son has returned home a changed man. Much appreciated by all!” – Dori S., ILTC parent

“I was very pleased with the kid that came home. This is our third child and we have experienced NUMEROUS Jewish youth programs. The outcome of this experience is superior in most ways.” - Susan K., ILTC

From Participants::

“ILTC is memory I will never forget for what it taught me about myself.” – Andy Z., ILTC

“The best thing about ILTC this year was the sense of community and amazing people there. I also loved learning leadership skills and strategies that were completely new to me, and there are very few other places where I could have gotten such a high quality leadership education.” - Sarah F., ILTC

“My overall experience at ILTC was life changing. I will never forget it and recommend it for more kids in my region. The staff was amazing. The coordinators were incredible” - Eli P., ILTC

“Nothing is ever as it seems for me. I came into this program with no expectations formed, and am leaving with the most incredible friendships, the knowledge that I can actually do amazing things philanthropically when I return home, and a new outlook on MANY things (country music, originality, the Jewish spectrum, humanity, just to name a few).” – Bonnie W., Impact: Chicago

“It changed my life, It taught me how to lead my chapter back at home. It felt like my home” - Max G., CLTC

“I can honestly say I had some of the best days and nights of my lives at CLTC. The friends I made were incredible and the programs run by staff/coordinators were just amazing. I loved all of it. Thank you guys!” – Rachel G., CLTC

“Literally the best days of my summer. I still miss the staff and every single person that was there no matter how close we got. I learned so much in those few days that will help me for the rest of my life and there's no words to describe how thankful I am to have been able to experience it.” – Karli, CLTC

“This summer program was amazing! I loved every minute! I will surely recommend this to all the BBYO people who are eligible to go! It was honestly the best 12 days of my life. Legit.” – Leda E., CLTC

“I loved CLTC so much and it was the best 12 days of my life. It helped me so greatly, and I am so thankful that I can go back to my chapter after CLTC and be able to share so many new, great ideas that I learned at CLTC.” – Danielle H., CLTC

“IT WAS AMAZING! When i got there I was like, "This is really amazing, but it's not the BEST 12 days of my life." Once I got back home, i realized it was. :)” – Emily Epstein, CLTC

“CLTC was truly one of the most life-learning, rewarding experience of my Jewish life, so far. It has really launched my BBYO career for me, as I plan to help lead my newly founded chapter in the fall! It has helped me to acknowledge my strengths & weaknesses, CLTC has helped me better define who I am as a leader, as I found the strength to get up in front of a crowd to lead Shabbat services, or present a d'var torah-- it was all so gratifying. I dared myself to move, and to take my stand on life issues & my own beliefs. It was an experience that ones must experience themselves, because it provides so many opportunities to everyone, it's just a matter of how much you will make out it.” – Leah M., CLTC

“Impact:DC provided me with the best of service and the political world. Meeting my senator and having coffee with him and his staff was a honor. I was able to dabble into politics, share my beliefs, and have my voice heard. Going to Capitol Hill was the best experience I ever had because I felt like I was making a change. In addition, Impact: DC allowed me to help out the community with meaningful service with some beautiful sightseeing.” – Sara P., IMPACT: DC

“Impact DC was an absolutely incredible experience. Leaving the program, I am so much more educated about real world issues, have a new outlook on service and I'm even prouder to be an American Jew.” – Mia S., IMPACT: DC

“Totally exceded my expectations. I loved it like crazy. I though it would just be something I'd do for a week of my summer, but it turned out to change my views on other ways of being Jewish and community service. Loved it.” - Samantha G., IMPACT: DC

"I had a great time at ILTC. The experience truly opened my eyes to how big BBYO is and how great it can be. I'm planning on doing all I can to apply what I learned into life, my chapter and if possible the region." Edmund P., ILTC

I left Impact: Boston last year with a changed perspective on the world we live in. I left with new relationships, and I left with the ability to say that those 12 days were, without hesitation, the 12 most meaningful days of my life. Meaningful enough to make their way into all of my college essays, to inspire me to push others to attend, and, eventually, to motivate me to apply to coordinate." Jason Brillion, IMPACT: Boston

“How much I learned and how comfortable and grounded I feel now at home. Kallah completely enhanced my beliefs and changed my life.” - Sierra L., Kallah

“At Kallah I strengthened some of my beliefs and changed others. I made friends that have taught me more than I can ever thank them for and learned from some of the greatest minds I've ever met. I reflected and worked and had the time of my life. So, how was my overall experience? Perfect.” – Addye S., Kallah

“I learned an amazing amount about not only Judaism but myself. In the end, it does something different for everyone and the experience is unexplainable.” – Kassidy G., Kallah

“There are no words to describe Kallah. It defied all of my expectations and altered who I am. I went in not necessarily understanding as much Judaism as I wanted to, and left comprehending the importance of religion and culture in my life. I met the most awesome people in the world, and created bonds and connections like no other. Perlman was literally perfect.” - Lindsey B., Kallah

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