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BBYO Advisor Job Description

Please review the following, with a clear understanding that your job as a BBYO advisor is vital and the areas listed below are part of your responsibility, none more important than the other. If you have any questions please contact your local BBYO office.

  • Promote leadership by inspiring and motivating the chapter to take an active role.
  • You must be present at all chapter functions, and if unavailable notify the regional office while helping to find a replacement. All BBYO events must have an adult present.
  • Be cognizant to develop relationships with the members, their parents, other advisors, the regional office and other resources in the community that support or work with teens.
  • Help maintain AZA and BBG chapter traditions.
  • Keep the focus on the ideals of both 7 Cardinal Principals (AZA) and the Menorah Pledge (BBG).
  • Empower the teens. BBYO is a youth lead, staff-run organization, the kids should play a big role in decision making and developing, and advisors do the guiding.
  • Friend, mentor, parent, and sibling are all roles you may have to play, but please always be aware of the fine line between being a friend and a responsible adult.
  • Help with the organization of chapter programs, meetings, training, and events. Help maintain the chapter checkbook while using it as a teaching tool for the kids to learn how to budget, pay bills, and write checks.
  • Keep the teens aware of their constitution and regularly updating it.
  • Help promote summer program opportunities to both the teens and their parents.
  • Be sure to attend all advisor training sessions and meetings so that you can stay up to date with developments in the organization.
  • If you aren't hearing from your chapter regularly be sure to reach out to them and find out what's going on and in what ways you can help them.
  • After chapter elections it is your job to conduct a full board meeting, not just a goal setting session, but also board training. The how, when, where and who will be responsible for the future growth of the chapter. This is probably the single most important meeting you will conduct. Plan it and make sure the chapter understands prior to elections. They must attend as part of their new chapter role. It is not just goal setting.
  • Strengthen the organization's and the teens' Jewish identity as often as possible. We truly expect our staff to follow the guidelines of Shabbat, kosher laws and to assist the kids in learning about being Jewish. Your personal beliefs are important to you, but please understand we are an organization open to all sects of Judaism and want the youth to have the opportunity to explore and learn.

BBYO thanks you for all your dedication and hard work as volunteers of our organization. Your job is challenging, time consuming, yet very rewarding. Please know you are part of a group of over 1000 like yourself, volunteers who care about the future of BBYO and teens in general. Good luck!

BBYO International Office
Attn: Development Department
800 Eighth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
P: 202.857.6633 / F: 202.857.6568

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