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Nov 22 2017

Jewish Community Voice

South Jersey Region already excited about BBYO Summer 2018!

South Jersey Region recently held its second BBYO Night of the programming year. This BBYO Night had a twist to it, however, as it was Summer Program themed.

Dec 13 2016

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Eric and Happie’s Debut Album Takes You to Jewish Summer Camp

Eric and Happie’s debut album “It’s Yours” hit #11 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts when it was released a few months ago. We sat down with Eric and Happie to discuss Jewish song-leading, and making a folk record with the person you fell in love with in Jewish summer...

Sep 04 2016

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Area high school and college students share how they spent their ‘Jewish Summers.’

Rafting down the Jordan River. Hiking up Masada. Floating in the Dead Sea. Praying at the Western Wall. Riding a camel.

May 31 2016

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And then there was CAMP

Maddie Siegel grew up in a suburb of Atlanta where there is a “decent” Jewish population. She grew up Jewish, attending Sunday school, having a bat mitzvah and participating in BBYO.

Oct 09 2015

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Teens Choose Jewish Summers

This summer I attended BBYO's Summer Experiences: ILTC. This is a three-week camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania designed to develop leadership skills and help Jewish teens like myself find our Jewish identities.

Oct 01 2015

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New England teens join almost 2,000 on BBYO summer experiences

This summer, 68 New England teens joined nearly 2,000 of their peers at BBYO Summer Experiences.

Sep 02 2015

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SJR kicks off the year after an amazing summer

Summer in BBYO is always accompanied by life changing experiences and great trips for members all over the world. Teens in South Jersey Region are no exception.

Aug 19 2015

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BBYO bonds teens around world

This summer, 24 Phoenix teens joined nearly 2,000 of their peers at BBYO Summer Experiences.

Jul 21 2015

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Building a youth-driven opportunity movement

In late June, three Opportunity Leaders and I had the chance to address 300 high school students who are taking part in BBYO’s summer camp session for their most engaged leaders. BBYO is a youth movement that connects more than 50,000 Jewish teens from across the country and the world.