BBYO Center for Adolescent Wellness

Youth-serving organizations offer welcoming and inclusive environments where young people feel safe to share their emotions and feelings. These are ripe environments for promoting adolescent wellness.


  • Lead in being a best practitioner in the areas of wellness and child protection at BBYO

  • Ensure that the Jewish community is at the forefront of new research, initiatives, and best practices in the field of adolescent wellness

  • Provide services and resources to youth-serving organizations engaging with adolescents



BBYO's Center for Adolescent Wellness provides the following services in the areas of policy development, consultation and support, and training and education:

Services provided by the center



Drew Fidler is the Director of the BBYO Center for Adolescent Wellness. Drew is a noted child wellness expert with experience educating, promoting, and implementing policies and practices to support children and adolescents’ physical, mental, and emotional health. She is an honors graduate of NYU Silver School of Social Work and Skidmore College (cum laude), and a licensed clinical social worker. She spent the last six years with the Baltimore Child Abuse Center in Maryland, most recently as the Director of Prevention and Education. Drew has been a key resource for Jewish and non-Jewish camps and youth serving organizations (YSOs) throughout North America, crafting policy and providing support and training to staff on various issues of child protection.

Drew can be reached at [email protected].

Drew Fidler