Friday, November 13th- Sunday, November 15th

Welcome to the Winter Convention website!
Our theme for this weekend is “There’s No Place Like Home”. We may not be together in person, but we want you all to be sure that we are here together as a Big Apple Region community. Remember, BAR is your home! Through the weekend, we’ll have many community moments – for example, we’re asking everyone to bring their dinner to our Spirit Competition Friday at 6:30pm, so we can enjoy a family meal as a community! You can find the full schedule, along with clickable Zoom links, below. You can also check out all the information about the team that brought you this convention, and how to contact us with any questions. Thank you for joining us for an unforgettable weekend! 

NEW: Did you love that Opening Ceremonies hype video on Friday night? Watch it again here!



6pm: Welcome to Convention and Shabbat Shalom!
6:30pm: Community Dinner and Chapter Spirit
8pm: Break
8:30pm: International Kabbalat Shabbat Services featuring BBYO Music Director, Happie Hoffman

9:15pm: Break
10pm: AZA and BBG Separates
11pm: Break
11:30pm: International Shabbat Shira Song Session with Happie Hoffman. Password: shira


Convention Coordinators:

Mia Graybow
Mia Graybow
Big Apple 43rd Regional S'ganit
Home Chapter: Kallah BBG #2466
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Binge-watching TV
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen
Big Apple 43rd Regional Aleph S'gan
Home Chapter: Yalla BBYO #5063
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Reading random old books buried around the house!

Steering Committee

Card image cap
Brigette Belenky
Program Steering
Home Chapter: Sagiv BBYO
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Running & cooking!
Card image cap
Erin Seidman
Jewish Enrichment Steering
Home Chapter: Kallah BBG #2466
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Animal Crossing and listening to Arctic Monkeys!
Card image cap
Scarlett Feuerstein
New Member Experience
Home Chapter: Sagiv BBYO
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Spending extra time with family and facetiming friends
Card image cap
Jared Miller
Program and Jewish Enrichment Steering
Home Chapter: Ruach AZA #2388
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Watching movies with my brother!
Card image cap
Ryin Reich
Program and Jewish Enrichment Steering
Home Chapter: Leviticus AZA #2486
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Video Games

Regional Board

Card image cap
Jackson benjamin
43rd Regional Aleph Godol
Home Chapter: Maccabees AZA #2424
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Playing baseball
Card image cap
Ethan Brod
43rd Regional Aleph Mazkir
Home Chapter: Ruach AZA #2388
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Watching movies with my brother
Card image cap
Zach Cytryn
43rd Regional Aleph Gizbor
Home Chapter: Exodus AZA #2377
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Running
Card image cap
Veronica flug
43rd Regional Gizborit
Home Chapter: Rainbow BBG #2069
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Netflix
Card image cap
Sierra Kaplan
43rd Regional Morah
Home Chapter: Kallah BBG #2466
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Baking!
Card image cap
Ashtin Reich
43rd Regional Aleph Moreh
Home Chapter: Exodus AZA #2377
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Working out
Card image cap
Jake wasserman
43rd Regional Aleph Shaliach
Home Chapter: Ruach AZA #2388
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Lifting
Card image cap
julianna wasserman
43rd Regional Mazkirah
Home Chapter: Ruach BBG #2312
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Working out, playing with my dog, and spending time with my siblings!
Card image cap
Sarah Weinreich
43rd Regional N'siah
Home Chapter: Rainbow BBG #2069
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Walks and Netflix!
Card image cap
Rachel Wolk
43rd Regional Sh'licha
Home Chapter: Sagiv BBYO
Favorite Quarantine Activity: Keeping in touch with friends!


Click on the chapter name to re-watch Spirit Videos from Friday night!

aza chapters
Exodus AZA
Leviticus AZA
Maccabees AZA
Ruach AZA
BBG Chapters
Aviv BBG
Kallah BBG
L'chaim BBG
Rainbow BBG
Ruach BBG
BBYO Chapters
Kings Bay BBYO
Mellech BBYO
Sagiv BBYO
Yalla BBYO



For questions about registration, payment, accessibility, and logistics, contact [email protected]!

For questions about the programs, what to expect, and any opportunities to get involved, contact Eli and Mia at [email protected] and [email protected]!

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