BBYO’s Friends and Alumni Network (FAN)

BBYO's Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) are alumni, parents and supporters of BBYO who have come together to support BBYO in their local communities. Local FAN members build community, raise funds and support the teens in their region. Today, FAN exists in approximately 40 communities across North America.

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News & Events

Sep 07

Marlcrest's Big League Dreams Kickoff

Have a ball with Marlcrest at Big League Dreams with baseball and relaxation!!

Sep 20


Please pay for the bus transportation to and from Fall Convention in Memphis, TN

Aug 25

Mar-Win Road Rally 2019

annual event where we split up into different cars and drive around filming funny videos and challenges, very prospective friendly and welcomes drivers from outside the chapter.

Aug 21

Back to School with Einstein

Get in the back to school groove with Einstein AZA. Find out what it is like to be with Boca's resident Jewish gentlemen at this introductory meeting hosted by social media influencer Brandon Oken. Topics include the name of the person on your left and right, life's secrets, and the simple way to tame a live tiger. Buckle up because it's gonna be a wild ride. Hope to see you there!

Aug 24

Tikvah Birthday Bash

Come join Tikvah members of all ages for a birthday bash. Celebrating the 22nd year of Tikvah. There will be backyard games, food, and music!