BBYO’s Friends and Alumni Network (FAN)

BBYO's Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) are alumni, parents and supporters of BBYO who have come together to support BBYO in their local communities. Local FAN members build community, raise funds and support the teens in their region. Today, FAN exists in approximately 40 communities across North America.

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News & Events

Oct 28

Thai food & Tie-dye!

We will be eating Thai food and Tie-dying!  We will be providing white T-shirts, but there will be an additional cost. You are also welcome to bring something of your own to tie-dye! $5 fo

Oct 17

Chapter meeting 10/17/2018

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Nov 10

Ra'naan Friendsgiving Overnight

Join Ra'naan BBG for a Chapter dinner and overnight at a BBG sister's house!

Oct 21

Topgolf Prospect event!

This event is mainly for our prospects!  We will be introducing our prospects to our chapter as well as, doing some icebreakers, playing golf, and socializing! Please bring some extra mone

Nov 04

Ra'naan Chapter Fundraiser Nov 4

Join Ra'naan BBG for their Fall chapter fundraiser!