BBYO’s Friends and Alumni Network (FAN)

BBYO's Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) are alumni, parents and supporters of BBYO who have come together to support BBYO in their local communities. Local FAN members build community, raise funds and support the teens in their region. Today, FAN exists in approximately 40 communities across North America.

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News & Events

Nov 15

Harrisburg BBG Just Dance

Come paly Just Dance with Harrisburg BBG!  All you need is your phone!

Nov 01

Harrisburg BBG Pumpkin Picking

Come pick pumpkins with Harrisburg BBG!  We will be in groups less than 10 and will be social distancing and wearing masks!  It will be a super fun event!

Sep 30

Eden BBG Mask Decorating!!

Mask decorating!  Materials:  - tie dye  - fabric markers - white cotton masks  We are mask decorating at WRT! All prospects and members are welcome! we will be six feet apart and wearing masks at all times.