December 2012/Tevet 5773

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A Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

How KIO Will be Warming Hearts and "Soles" This Winter

Hey KIO,
Nothing’s better than a pair of bare feet when the weather’s warm…but not so much in the wintertime! While you might have lots of ways to keep your tootsies toasty when it gets cold outside, for the hundreds of homeless people who sleep on the streets and in shelters, something as simple as a pair of socks can go a long way toward keeping frostbite from setting in. That’s why we’ll be collecting new or gently used socks at our upcoming Regional Convention, and donating them to those less fortunate this holiday season. So even if you can’t make it to the Convention, you can do your part to make someone else’s life a little bit better by digging through your drawers, rounding up all those “orphan socks”, getting rid of your ugly, mismatched pairs, or purchasing a brand new pack at the store.

At Regionals, we'll sort them out and present them to a representative from Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank, which distributes over 19 million pounds of food each year to soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, churches, senior centers, and many other community organizations in 20 counties throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio! Then, we’ll take part in a special eye-opening program aimed at helping raise our awareness and understanding of homelessness. Wind down your year with a meaningful mitzvah and make a big difference for people in need this winter. Hope to see you soon!


Not coming to Regionals? Not a problem. Bag or box up your socks and give them to a friend, advisor or City Director to bring.

Meet Up with Your BBYO Friends at Cincy's Casino Dance Party this Saturday Night

Teenagers can take a trip to Las Vegas without ever leaving Cin City when the Mayerson JCC presents the High Rollers Club, a high stakes Casino Night Dance Party featuring gaming tables, great prizes, a popular Club DJ, a free photo booth and more, plus some of the hottest sights and sounds this side of the Vegas Strip, this Saturday, December 15th at 9pm.

The first 250 to RSVP will receive a FREE VIP All Access Pass to the event, entitling them to immediate entry into the party and extra tickets to use at the gaming tables. All others will have to pay $10 at the door and will be subject to waiting on line by the Bouncers. Guests will get to try their luck at the Blackjack, Craps and Roulette tables, run by professional dealers from Black Diamond Casino, and could walk away with the brand new ipod Touch, Kenwood Mall gift cards and other prizes.

In addition to the free photo booth, DJ Bee, a popular member of DJ Toad’s Crew, will keep the party pumping with a popular playlist sure to keep the dance floor packed all night. Plus, there’ll be FX lighting and participants can text messages from their phones right up on the giant screen for the crowd to see. Couches and lounge-seating will be conveniently located in special areas around the dance floor and near the gaming tables. A selection of specialty frozen slushy (non alcoholic, of course!) drink samples will be served all night as well as other snacks. Guests are encouraged to “dress to impress.” Club attire is preferred.

This event marks the kick-off of the Mayerson JCC’s brand new initiative for teenagers, JCC513, which will offer other big “blowout” parties throughout the year, as well as smaller, interest-based programs just for teens who are looking for activities related to health and fitness, the arts, sports and recreation, social action and more.

This event is open to all high school students in 9th-12th grade. Click here to RSVP or contact Matt Steinberg at 513-722-7244.

What's Up KIO?


Ner Tamid BBG had an awesome program called “What BBYO means to YOU!” where all the girls got to focus on themselves and their passion for BBYO. This much needed “me” time was a great break from schoolwork, etc. It was also a great opportunity to share and learn more about each other, especially in regards to how BBYO has affected us all. It was great to catch up! Ner Tamid also had a private yoga class at the JCC! And, we also shared a sleepover with Hatikvah BBG in Dayton with a Disney Princess theme. Who doesn’t like Disney princesses?

Mishpocha continues to have weekly business meetings where they are in the process of planning some fundraisers and programs to ensure that the term ends with a bang!

Upcoming Event:

12/15/12: Cin City Casino Party. Everyone is invited! Click here to RSVP.

1/25/13: Second annual Occupy the JCC overnight at the Mayerson JCC. There are going to be some great programs, including “separates” and a “Stand-Up” cause!


Before dividing up into chapter meetings, Columbus came together to talk about March of the Living, an amazing experience that takes teens to Poland and Israel. Over 35 teens attended this informational session, put on by the Columbus Jewish Federation.

Heart of Ohio had a very meaningful discussion about the situation in the Middle East where they shared personal stories, connections to Israel, and discussed ways they can help. Heart also talked about upcoming programs, and of course, Regionals! The week prior, Heart and Pops went at it in a Pizza Eating contest!

Pops spent a significant amount of time recovering from the Pizza Eating contest that was the week before! The meeting began with a discussion of The 12 Tribes of Israel and how 2 of the tribes were separated from the others. The boys talked about the meaning of difference, separation and unity.

Enough Toga, more YOGA was the motto for the girls of Aliah! The girls did some YOGA which brought their chapter together through breathing, relaxation and sisterhood! Before that, Aliah got together for a Hair and Nails program where they talked about what it means to be beautiful.

The ladies of Bat Shalom had their entire chapter in attendance at their last meeting which was on Tuesday night! The girls played a game of Jenga, with each piece being a BBYO term! The game was informative and fun.

Upcoming Events:

1/15/13: 8th grade Recruitment Fair where 8th graders are invited to check out the various chapters to begin their BBYO experience!

1/23/13: Chapter Execs Seminar


Dayton BBYO had two city wide programs in November. On November 14, Weprin-Kadima and Hatikvah participated in a dancing program followed by a Dayton-style Top Chef program on November 28. Using only the provided ingredients and a little culinary creativity, both chapters came up with tantalizing dishes. After evaluation based on three main categories--taste, presentation, and effective use of ingredients--the men of Weprin-Kadima won the day!

Earlier in the month, Hatikvah BBG and Weprin-Kadima AZA enjoyed a salsa dancing program where Ehud Borovoy, a local member of the community who is an Israeli salsa instructor, taught everyone to merengue, bachata, and salsa.

On Sunday, December 2, Hatikvah had a shopping fundraiser. This fundraiser consisted of multiple rounds of shopping for different clothes. Each round had a different time limit and item value. Proceeds were divided amongst the Children’s Medical Center of Dayton, the International Service Fund and to support local BBYO initiatives in the future.

Upcoming Events:

1/9/13: Board and Chapter Meeting. Aspirations are due. If interesting running for the upcoming term of a position of leadership, please click here to email Yale.

1/16/13: Chapter Elections

1/23/12: Chapter Meeting

1/30/12: Installations Program


This was a great month for Indy BBYO! Our chapters stayed busy with plenty of great programming and events. Our BBGs started the month by planning a great fundraising event for the chapter. Our teens partnered with Noodles and Company, who hosted a BBG fundraising day where 25% of their sales for the day were donated to the chapter!

Our AZAs and BBGs also started the month by giving back to the community. Our members volunteered with Gift of Life to hold a bone marrow drive, in which potential donors were tested and registered in an international bone marrow database. This database is used to find bone marrow donors for people suffering around the world, including a mother from New Jersey named Shira who desperately needed our help to find a match as she fights for her life battling leukemia.

Indy BBYO also had a great time being social this month! BBG hosting an amazing mother-daughter brunch while AZA hosted a Colts watching party and BBQ. Our teens also planned a Chanukah party for BBYO and all the other Indianapolis Jewish youth groups! After a wonderful havdallah and ice-breaker games, the teens made amazing latkes and then danced the night away.

At the same time, our Teen Connect chairs held an awesome bowling event for middle school kids! It was a great success with over 25 middle schoolers attending the event. The next day, our teens gathered together for the annual adopt-a-family where we wrapped gifts for less fortunate families. It was a great month of giving back to the community!

December has a lot in store for us in Indy! On Sunday December 8 AZA had a scavenger hunt at the Keystone Mall. On Sunday Dec 9 the girls volunteered at Hooverwood, the assisted living facility on the Indy JCC's campus and brought some holiday cheer to the elderly. On Friday Dec 14 AZA held a Shabbat dinner sponsored by one of our local parents.

Upcoming Evnets:

12/15/12: Indy BBYO will be attending shabbat services and holding a teen discussion at Congregation Shaarey Tefillah beginning at 10am. Light Kiddush and lunch to follow.

TBD: BBG chapter sleepover


The guys of Drew Corson are very excited about the upcoming annual Progressive Dinner, where each course of the meal will be served at a separate home. They are also psyched for their Christmas Chinese dinner feast.

The girls of Jay Levine's latest event was the kidnapping and inductions of the freshmen MITs, making them official members of the chapter!

Along with Drew Corson AZA, Jay Levine hosted a family cookoff fundraiser for Hanukkah on Sunday December 9th, where each member and their parent(s) brought one home-cooked dish. The profits went towards reaching our ISF goal, as well as scholarship money for regional and international events.

Congrats to the freshmen in Jay Levine for officially being inducted into the chapter! We hope you have a great four years in this organization!

Upcoming Events:

12/16/12: Progressive Dinner

12/24/12: Christmas-Chinese Dinner Feast

Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

Share the BBYO Connect experience with a middle school teen you know!

Calling All 8th Graders!

December offers more than Hanukkah to get excited about! For our BBYO Connect 8th graders – it means that it is almost time to officially become an Aleph or B’nai B’rith Girl! On January 1, 8th graders can continue their journey with BBYO and become a member of BBYO’s high school fraternity and sorority, AZA and BBG. Teens can register now and become official members on January 1 – what a great way to start their year!

Click here to learn about becoming a member and to register.

Summer, Summer, Summer!

Summer 2013 will be here before you know it! The time to register for your BBYO Summer Experiences is now, before it’s too late! There are almost six times as many teens registered for a BBYO Summer Experience today than there were this time last year. ILTC is already full, but not to fear – there is still room on the waiting list.

Summer of IMPACT is an opportunity to do even more with BBYO this summer. These are 12-day programs and 3-day program extensions that support Stand UP – BBYO’s grassroots service, advocacy and philanthropy campaign – with dates that connect directly to ILTC and various CLTC sessions.

Teens who register for CLTC 1 can connect directly to IMPACT: Boston.
Teens who register for CLTC 4 and/or ILTC can connect directly to IMPACT: DC.
Teens who register for CLTC 5 can connect directly to IMPACT: Chicago.
Teens who register for CLTC 6 can connect directly to IMPACT: Pittsburgh.
Teens who register for CLTC 7 can connect directly to IMPACT: Milwaukee.

Read the Brochure to learn more…

Community Engagement Fellows

BBYO is thrilled to announce the first cohort of Community Engagement Fellows. This Fellowship enables BBYO to facilitate a smooth transition for young Jews between high school and college, ultimately enhancing Jewish life on college campuses and keeping BBYO alumni connected to one another. Congratulations to:

  • Emily Trotz, Cotton States Region Alumna, student at University of Georgia
  • Alyssa Baron, Gold Coast Region Alumna, student at University of Florida, Gainesville
  • Morgan Wittenberg, Eastern Region Alumna, student at Tulane University
  • Ira Rickman, NRE: D.C. Council Alum, student at University of Maryland, College Park
  • Lindsey Perreault, NRE: D.C. Council Alumna, student at Boston University
  • Adam Bloom, Central Region East Alum, student at University of Delaware
  • Beth Holtzman, Central Region West Alumna, student at University of CA at Berkeley
  • Lauren Simon, Connecticut Valley Region Alumna, student at University of Connecticut
  • Callie Rosenfeld, Central Region East Alumna, student at University of Pittsburgh

Read more…

BBYO Advisors Welcome!

BBYO offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for adults in the Jewish Community. One of those opportunities is to become a BBYO advisor. Advisors work in partnership with professional staff to supervise and guide AZA and BBG chapters and serve as positive Jewish role models helping teens grow into dynamic, engaged, young Jewish leaders.

Take a look at BBYO advisors in action:

Interested individuals can get involved today by clicking this link.

Candidates for advisors need not be BBYO alumni, they just need to have the passion to help shape the future of the Jewish Community.

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Have you considered including BBYO in your estate plan? You can ensure that future generations of Jewish teens have fun, meaningful and affordable BBYO experiences!

Please contact your financial or legal advisors or BBYO for appropriate language.

Email for more information.

Save the Date:

  • BBYO's International Office will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • 8th Graders can register for AZA and BBG on January 1, 2013.
  • Registration for the 2013 delegation of the March of Living is risk free until January 8, 2013.