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December 2014/Kislev 5774 Issue

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Kevin Goodman
Executive Director
416.398.2004 ext 1

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Director's Note

Happy New Year and welcome to the December edition of our monthly eNews, filled with exciting updates from across Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill. It's been a really great few months.

We're excited to announce that, as of January 1, 8th graders can become official members of BBYO! That's right! So, share the love with any 8th graders you know.

As always, check out the Upcoming Dates section below for all the great events and programs coming up soon!

Have a great holiday season,

Kevin Goodman
Executive Director, BBYO Ontario


Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know! Teens in 8th grade are eligible to join as members!

Share the BBYO Connect experience with a middle school teen you know!

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Upcoming Dates

Local Chapters (Grades 8-12)

  • *Local chapters meet every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8pm at locations across the city. Some chapters also host additional programs throughout the week. Click for Details.

Regional Programs (Grades 8-12)

Volunteer Opportunities (Grades 9-12)

BBYO Connect Events (Grades 6-8)

Friends & Alumni Network (Parents & Alumni)

  • To further strengthen the growth of our Friends and Alumni Network (FAN), BBYO FAN Chairs and Leaders will convene for the 4th Annual FAN Leadership Retreat at BBYO International Convention for a day of networking, learning together and experiencing the magic of IC. Learn more.

General Dates

  • January 1 - New Year's Day - BBYO offices will be closed.
  • January 12-15 - All BBYO staff will be at BBYO's annual Professional Staff Conference.

* Membership is required for events marked with an asterisk. Click here for membership options. No membership required for all other events.

For more information on these events, please visit our Regional website.

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Share the BBYO Life with an 8th Grader!

As you know, BBYO's got the 'goods' that school and other extracurricular activities don't always offer. Through BBYO, Jewish teens can stand up for the things they believe in, lead initiatives, build confidence and character, make an impact and form authentic relationships (all while having tons of fun). These relationships and experiences are proven to benefit a young person long after high school ends.

Starting January 1, 8th graders can officially become members of BBYO. So, share the BBYO life with an 8th grader you know!

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Be an Ambassador Abroad!

This summer, we're expanding our Ambassadors experiences during the summer to include an old favorite, Bulgaria (grades 9-12), and two new exciting programs in Argentina (grades 9-12) and the Dominican Republic (grades 8-10). Explore, serve and connect with a new culture – all alongside local Jewish teens. Ambassadors learn firsthand what Jewish life is like in another part of the world, and they come home with a strengthened commitment to the global Jewish people and memories to last a lifetime!

Learn more at

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BBYO in the News

BBYO Career Opportunities

BBYO offers exciting opportunities across North America that will challenge your abilities, expand your skill set and reward your contributions in an atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth. For a list of current openings, click here!

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