nOVEMBER 13 - 15, 2020


Thank you for joining us throughout the weekend! We hope you enjoyed connecting with friends throughout New England. We have a few things we would love for you to take a look at:


  • Follow @nerthrifts on Instagram! Follow us on Instagram to find vintage and brand new NER apparel for cheap prices! This is a great way to show off your NER swag for virtual and in-person events! Comment on any post or DM the account with questions to purchase an item!
  • Check out the Shuk Catalog! At every convention Shuk provides the opportunity for chatpers to sell their merchandise to other chapters in our region. Shuk is one tradition you sure do not want to miss! From backpacks to stickers, you can find about anything you could possibly need at our virtual shuk set up.



Please check this page for event information and our calendar for all the upcoming chapter & regional events.

Saturday, November 21 from 6:00 – 8:00pm: Tikvah Marla Zeiff BBG & Alan Soifert AZA - Friendsgiving 
Sunday, November 22 from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm: Mayim Chayim BBG ZOOMba

Sunday, November 22 from 4:30 – 5:30pm: Mishpucha BBG - Family Food and Family Feud

Sunday, November 22 from 6:00 – 7:00pm: North Shore BBYO - Thanksgiving Game Night

Tuesday, November 24 from 8:30 – 9:30pm: Dave Hochman - Among Us

Sunday, November 29 from 7:00 – 8:00pm: Ariel Ometz BBYO - Turkey Rap Leftovers

Friday, December 4: JAL BBG - Interfaith Shabbat

Saturday, December 5: Brookline BBYO - Global Shabbat Havdallah

Saturday, December 5: North Shore BBYO - Stand Up Cause

Saturday, December 5⋅8:00 – 9:00pm: Mayim Chayim BBG & Berry AZA - Holiday Party

Sunday, December 6 from 7:00 – 8:00pm: Tikvah Marla Zeiff BBG - Hanukkah with Alan Soifert AZA

This webpage has the following information, scroll down to see the section you want:



Zoom links can be found HERE!

Friday, November 13    

Saturday, November 14    

Sunday, November 15

5:00 PM EST: Opening Ceremonies

6:00 PM EST: Welcoming Shabbat with BBYO International

7:15 PM EST: Oneg 

9:30 PM EST: 'Bunk' Hangouts

11:30 PM EST: Shabbat Shira with BBYO International

10:00 AM EST: Welcome

10:05 AM EST: Shabbat Service Options 

11:00 AM EST: Program Electives 

12:00 PM EST: Lunch and Vibes

1:00 PM EST: Program Electives

2:00 - 5:00 PM EST: Limmud Options with BBYO International

4:00 - 7:00 PM EST: Chofesh (Break) - Options for Hangout Sessions

7:00 PM EST: Havdallah

7:30 PM EST: Separates - Sisterhood and Brotherhood Programming

10:00 PM EST: Comedian

11:00 AM EST: Welcome

11:05 AM EST: Business Meetings

1:00 PM EST Closing Ceremonies and Good & Welfare

See you at your next chapter event! See below for more details!


How to Find Us on Zoom During Convention:
One of the Operations Committee Members will be in your programs. Private chat us on zoom or feel free to use our phone numbers below to contact us with any troubles or questions. Look for one of the following names with the πŸ₯ emoji:

  • Bella London πŸ₯

  • Jake Katz πŸ₯

  • Josh Formaggio πŸ₯

  • Sabrina Glaser πŸ₯

  • Samantha Walsh πŸ₯


  • Bottom left corner: mute yourself, turn your camera on/off

  • Bottom middle: chat (you can private chat one of us if the function is available, or chat the whole group), reactions (show us some spirit)!

  • Bottom right: leave the breakout room/meeting

  • ​Top right: full screen option, gallery and speaker view options

Here are some specific Zoom Backgrounds for a few programs throughout the weekend. 

Or choose some of these ​Zoom Backgrounds: Download these fun zoom backgrounds to show your AZA, BBG, and NER spirit.


Online materials

Social Media and Convention Playlist

$WAG BAG and 'Packing' List

Check out this link to learn what is part of your $WAG Bag and what you should bring along with you to convention.




Seth Foster, Regional S'gan (VP of Programming)
Alan Soifert AZA

3 fun facts: I play Lacrosse, I won a national martial arts championship in middle school, and I love Star Wars.
Why I chose to be a steerer: To make sure NER has an amazing fall convention despite our unusual circumstances.
What am I most excited for convention: Being together with NER.
Instagram: @Seth_foster13

Anna Schulman, Regional S'ganit (VP of Programming)
Mayim Chayim BBG

3 Fun Facts: I have four dogs-- two miniature Schnauzers, a Pug, and a French Bulldog. My favorite color is yellow. I love American Chinese food. The chicken fingers are my favorite type of chick finger.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I didn't really choose to steer this convention but I did choose to put a lot of extra time into it because this is our first virtual convention and I wanted to make sure everything worked out with no mistakes. I am also a perfectionist and putting in the extra time ensures a flawless end product. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend as much as I enjoyed helping plan it!
What am I most excited about about for convention: I am super excited to see how BBG Separates end up. Separates have always been my favorite part of convention-- they are the reason I kept coming back to BBYO during ninth grade. I want to supply new and old members with the same feeling that I keep being reminded of. Initiating or reigniting the BBG flame is a powerful portion of BBG and I want to do my part by planning meaningful programming. 
Instagram: @anna_schulman

Administrative Assistants

Milly Asherov, Judy Ann Leven BBG, Chapter N'siah (President)

3 fun facts: I almost never wear matching earrings, I love sprite from McDonalds because it just tastes different, and I used to thrift way before it was trendy. 
Why I chose to be a steerer: I chose to steer this convention because I knew it was going to be an experience to remember, since it is virtual I saw this as an opportunity to adapt our old traditions while creating some new traditions as well.
What am I most excited about for convention: I am most excited for the swag packs and new ways to run shuk!!!
Instagram: @milly.asherov


Sharon Vered, North Shore BBYO, Chapter Morah (VP of Membership)

3 fun facts: I have been going to Camp Yavneh for 9 years! My celebrity crush is Josh Rosen from Geek Charming. I listen to Lift Yourself by Kanye West because I genuinely think it is an amazing song.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I chose to steer this convention because I wanted to be a part of making an amazing virtual experience for all of NER!
What am I most excited about for convention: I am most excited about our convention $wag and business meetings!
Instagram: @sharon.vered


Administrative Assistants

Josh Formaggio, Ariel Ometz BBYO, Chapter Godol (President)
3 fun facts: I’ve high fived Tom Brady, I’m from Seattle, and over the summer I biked over 300 miles.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I would like to have even more experience steering regional events.
What am I most excited about for convention: I can’t wait for the Saturday morning services because they are always so fun.
Instagram: @josh_formaj


Sabrina Glaser, Mayim Chayim BBG, Chapter Gizborit

3 fun facts: My favorite food is ice cream, I’m allergic to pistachios, and I’ve been to Israel! 

Why I chose to be a steerer: I love BBYO and want to get more involved in NER! 

What am I most excited about for convention: Shabbat Shira!!!!!! 

Instagram: @sabrinag26


Administrative Assistants

Sam Pollak, Ariel Ometz BBYO, Chapter S'gan (VP of Programming)
3 fun facts: When I was 5, I knew all the US state capitals by heart, I hate the board game monopoly with seething passion, and I play the quad toms in my school's marching band.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I want to engage further with my peers and with bbyo.
What am I most excited about for convention: I'm excited to see everyone's faces.



Baya Ginsburg, Judy Ann Leven BBG, Chapter Sh'licha (VP of Judaism and Community Service)

3 fun facts: This is my 3rd year in BBYO, 2nd on board, I love cheese, and I’m lactose intolerant.

Why I chose to be a steerer: I wanted to be more involved in BBYO and get to know more people in NER. I’m excited to work behind the scenes with new people!

What am I most excited about for convention: I’m excited to be able to do steering for the first time for the first virtual convention!

Instagram: @b.ginsburg


Administrative Assistants
Jewish Enrichment

Lulu Caplan, North Shore BBYO, Chapter Sh'licha (VP of Judaism and Community Service)

3 fun facts: My favorite color is light purple, I play the violin and guitar, and I love going to the beach!
Why I chose to be a steerer: I chose to steer this convention because conventions are one of my favorite things about BBYO, and I wanted to make sure people can still enjoy them and have the best weekend even though it is virtual.  
What am I most excited about for convention: I am most excited to see all of the ways steerers are going to modify our already amazing conventions to make it COVID friendly!
Instagram: @lulu.caplan


Gabby Jacobs, Tikvah Marla Zeiff BBG, Chapter Sh'licha

3 fun facts: I’m watching criminal minds for the third time, my favorite color is purple, and I love toast especially with butter.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I wanted to try and have a role with more responsibility to push myself and I knew it would be fun with everyone. 
What am I most excited about for convention: I can't wait to see everyone after soooo long because I miss them all!
Instagram: @gabbyjacobz


Steering Members

Laila Alssid, Judy Ann Leven BBG, Member In Good Standing

3 fun facts: My favorite place to travel to is Costa Rica, my favorite food is oysters, and my happy place is sleepaway camp.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I chose to steer this convention because I thought it would be fun to experience being on steering and also so I could help make this convention fun and enjoyable even though it will look much different than previous years.
What am I most excited about for convention: I am most excited to meet new people and have a fun weekend!
Instagram: @laila.alssid


Seth Rosenman, Ariel Ometz BBYO, Chapter Mazkir and Gizbor (Secretary and Treasurer)

3 fun facts: I like Archery, eating Ice Cream, and watching the Patriots.
Why I chose to be a steerer: I want to make sure everyone has a great experience at this very unique convention. 
What am I most excited about for convention:  All the fun programming!
Instagram: @s_rosenman


Have any additional questions? Contact Samantha Walsh.