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NSR BBG Elections

It’s almost time for the election of the Sixty-Fourth Regional Board of the Nassau Suffolk Region! We have an incredible group of candidates who have dedicated themselves to continue the amazing work of the current boards and all those before them. These candidates have put forth countless hours preparing for the opportunity to lead our region.

We are proud to present each candidate’s Platform and Vision Statement below – where they’ve had the chance to outline their goals and ideas for you to review. We ask that you look at each candidate’s platform and vision statement with the respect and thoughtfulness that the election process deserves.
Politiking of any form is prohibited. Review this information for yourself, so that you and you alone can make a responsible decision while voting for the best candidate.

Join us for NSR AZA Elections  or NSR BBG Elections on Sunday, May 16th.



Alix Berman


Abigail Lev



Stephanie Pincus


Maya Polese

Aym Ha-Chaverot


Emma Dorfman


Nicole Rosen



Sydney Siegman


Molly Singer

S'ganit Nassau


Hannah Marmor


Gabrielle Pine


Mollie Tashlik

S'ganit Rifka


Sam Swerdloff



Carly Hersch


Eden Spielman



Jamie Bernstein


Ava Caiati



Olivia Kittrell


Kaitlyn Rosenzweig