Perlman Summer 2020

CLTC 2019 participants are invited to continue their AZA and BBG leadership development by being a part of BBYO’s most talked-about and exclusive summer duo in 2020 -- a Perlman Summer!

“Spending my whole summer at Perlman is something that changed me… I know who I am as a person. I know who I am as a Jew. I know what stances I take in my religion and I am able to educate others on things that I am newly passionate about.”
-Andrew E., BBYO Eastern Region: North Carolina Council

A Perlman Summer (June 25-August 4, 2020) combines International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC) and International Kallah for a total of six weeks at the newly renovated and better-than-ever Perlman Camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. At a Perlman Summer, you’ll join BBYO’s top teen leaders from around the world – from Texas to Bulgaria and Connecticut to Israel – to learn how to further develop your leadership skills and experience AZA and BBG in a camp atmosphere with time for relaxation, bonding activities and entertaining programming. Even more, you’ll build strong relationships; create a diverse and connected community; explore your Jewish identity by asking questions and engaging in dialogue; reflect and gain a greater understanding of your personal beliefs; and play a role in shaping the BBYO movement for the upcoming year.

“From the day I arrived until the moment I left, I felt Perlman as my home and all of you as my friends. The amount of love and hospitality from everyone, including the staff, has made these the best weeks in my life. I simply can't express my gratitude for getting this opportunity.”
-Jonathan S., BBYO Denmark


ILTC 2020: June 25 – July 13, 2020 
At ILTC, you’ll have an opportunity to raise your voice and shape the future of BBYO. By learning leadership skills and using new tools to influence a movement, you’ll also gain invaluable skills to help you excel during high school, college and beyond. In the comfort of a camp setting and alongside fellow teen leaders, you’ll build your confidence, expand your personal network and continue to explore new interests, while also experiencing the magical moments of Shabbat under the stars, Maccabiah, athletics and time for bonding!

Kallah 2020: July 15 – August 4, 2020

At Kallah, with friends and in a fun way, you’ll learn about and practice the traditions and rituals of the many different sects of Judaism. With knowledgeable staff educators and guest speakers as a guide, you’ll have the freedom to explore what interests you, from art to music, cooking to photography. You’ll get to truly experience AZA and BBG in a camp atmosphere, with time for relaxation, bonding activities and creative programming (from archery to zipline), while building strong relationships and creating a diverse and connected community.


Lock In Discounted Pricing NOW: $5,999

This is your best chance to secure the biggest discount on Perlman 2020! Best of all, only one $250 deposit is required with registration, which is refundable until March 3, 2020. After this special offer expires Perlman Summer 2020 regular pricing will be $6,570

Yes, you’re eligible for scholarship with this deal! Specific scholarship information will be available in November.

This offer is only valid for CLTC 2019 participants and expires two weeks after your session ends. Deadlines are below:

CLTC 1—June 30, 2019
CLTC 2—July 7, 2019
CLTC 3—July 14, 2019
CLTC 4—July 21, 2019
CLTC 5—July 28, 2019
CLTC 6—August 4, 2019
CLTC 7—August 11, 2019
CLTC 8—August 25, 2019


NOT SURE IF YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER? JOIN US FOR EITHER ILTC OR KALLAH! If you sign up now, you can lock in the early bird price for ILTC at $3,135, or Kallah at $3,185.

Questions? Contact your BBYO Summer Team anytime at [email protected]. We’ll respond back within 24-48 hours.