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BBYO's Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) is hosting a Southern Regions/Districts Alumni Reunion at International Convention 2012. International Convention (IC) is the largest annual gathering of BBYO participants from across the world. This year BBYO is expecting a record breaking 800 teens to join together at IC in Atlanta.

Join us at the BBYO Alumni Reunion at The Hyatt Regency Atlanta for a dessert reception with cash bar. Reconnect with fellow AZA and BBG alumni from Districts 5 and 7 and all the Southern Regions and Councils: Atlanta Council, Dixie Council, Cotton States Region, Texoma Region, Eastern Region, DC Council, Baltimore Council, Northern Virginia Council, North Florida Region, Gold Coast Region and Miami Region.

Saturday, February 18 ~ 8-11 PM
The Hyatt Regency Atlanta
265 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Please consider becoming a member of the Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) and help teens across North America experience BBYO as you did! By joining FAN, you will receive an additional tax deductible gift to BBYO and your name will be recognized at the reunion.

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Look Who's Coming!

Elise Eplan
Southern Region, Amirah

Judy Finer Freedman
Texoma Region, Salomon BBG #243

Jonathan Seidel
Southern Region, SOZ #2065

Mark Bernstein
Cotton States, Winick AZA #420

David Messer
Southern Region, Frank Garson AZA

AJ Robinson
Cotton States, Winick AZA #420

Walter Solomon
Southern Region, Dixie Council, Charleston AZA #1969

Jana Eplan
Southern Region, Shoshanim #1943

Diane Fiedotin
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, Kochavim

Cathy Bart
Cotton States Region, Ahavah

Fred Pearlman
Eastern Region, Sigmund Selig Pearl AZA

Richard Gluck
Cotton States Region, Winick AZA

Cynthia Larner
Cotton States Region, Ahavah #698

David Finer
Texoma Region, Feenburg Rubin AZA

Erica Aronin
Eastern Region, Chai BBG

Cindy Hirsch
Florida Region, Gimmel #399

Dale Cohen
Southern Region, Anashim

Herman Schwarz
Southern Region, Am Echod

Elaine Rosenblum
Southern Region, Ahava

Dale Gordon DeSena
Southern Region, Wexler Clark

Freddie Ross
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, David Piha

Joyce Tenenbaum Spielberger
Southern Region, Simcha BBG

Jay Tenenbaum
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, Ben Zion AZA #1642

Michele Kloville
Southern Region, Simcha BBG

Candy Margolin
Southern Region, Kadimah

Jeff Margolin
Southern Region, MOT

Steve Leventhal

Robyn Zimmerman
Southern Region, Anashim

Wendy Garfinkel-Gold
Southern Region, Golda Meir BBG #1134

Valerie Kort Kieffer
Eastern Region, Chaverim

Debbie Tager Buchman
Eastern Region, Chai

Tony Levitas
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, AZA 357

David Weissman
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, AZA 357

Robyn Rousso
Southern Region: Atlanta Council

Sally Wilensky Magdovitz
Southern Region: Dixie Council, BBG 1134

Russell Love
Cotton States Region, Mesch AZA #41

Bari Love
Cotton States Region, Magic City BBG

Eve Turner
Southern Region: Dixie Council, DOC

Abby Goldsmith
Southern Region, Anashim

Sharon Karlan
Southern Region, Tikvah

Andy Fink
Savannah AZA

Estee Portnoy
Allegheny Region, New Castle BBYO

Jed Mescon
Southern Region, Ben Zion

Randall Kessler
New Orleans, Freed Goldberg

Valerie Cassius Kessler
Memphis, River City

Harriet Klug
Southern Region, Tikvah BBG

Eileen Shuman
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, Simcha/Shoshanim

Mindy Ronick
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, Chavarim BBG

Bo Sacks
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, Spitzer

Diane Sacks
Cotton States Region, Music City BBG

Wendy Rones
Cotton States Region, Ahavah

Barry Rabinowitz
Southern Region, Ben Zion

Debbie Derby
Philadelphia Region

David Alexander
Southern Region: Atlanta Council, MOT

Terri Jacobson
Southern Region, Ahava BBG

Eric Jacobson
MoKan, AZA #2

Miles Alexander
Southern Region: Atlanta Council

Randy Padawer
Cotton States Region, Mesch AZA

Douglas Diamond
Southern Region, Ben Ami

Roger Friedensen
Eastern Region, T'cheeyah BBYOl

Jane Durham

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