November 13 -  November 15

Join SJR BBYO for our first convention of the 2020-2021 year- Conclave!

Conclave will include:

  • An awesome weekend filled with friends, spirit, and fun
  • Engaging Shabbat services planned by your fellow teen leaders, as well as services with over 20 other BBYO regions.
  • Song sessions, social programs, and speakers with over 20 other BBYO regions
  • Fun and meaningful exclusive SJR teen led programming all weekend long!
  • Even more surprises along the way!

We are all at home, but that doesn't mean we can't spend the weekend together.

Make sure you are in the Convention WhatsApp to get program passwords!



5:30 PM    Opening/Icebreakers/Birkat
We will welcome in Conclave together and have some awesome icebreakers!
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6:00 PM    International Candle Lighting/Welcome Shabbat
Head to BBYO On Demand for this link!

6:30 PM    Break for Dinner
The zoom room will be open if you want to eat with friend
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7:30 PM    Friday Night Service
A camp style Shabbat! We will sing prayers and talk about all the moments we love
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8:30 PM    AZA Big Little Reveal
AZA Reveal! Who will be your Regional Big/Little?
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8:30 PM    BBG Big Little Reveal
BBG Reveal! We will learn who our Regional Big/Littles are and get to know eachother better!
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9:30 PM    Siblinghood Program
Join us to see how the power of music influces us in our life and how we are all the same
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10:30 PM AZA Bunk Bonding
Among Us and Kahoots, what could be more fun?
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10:30 PM BBG Bunk Bonding
BBG Bonding is always our favorite part of the weekend! We will keep the bonding going all night
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11:30 PM International Shabbat Shira
Head to BBYO On Demand for the link!


ariel schwartz
Ariel Schwartz
Programming Committee
Charlotte Berman
Charlotte Berman
Marketing/Membership Committee
Jacob Nickel
Jacob Nickel
Marketing/Membership Coordinator

kayla berkoff
Kayla Berkoff
Marketing/Membership Committee

Rachel rosin
Judaics & Rituals Coordinator

morgan dimmick
Programming Committee

Emma sklar
60th Regional S'ganit

Julian Gersh
60th Regional Aleph Moreh

Gaby matro
60th Regional Mazkirah

Darren frankel
60th Regional Aleph Gizbor
lara frankel
Lara Frankel
Judaics & Rituals Committee

Dara Hammel
Judaics & Rituals Committee

Hannah Borenstein
60th Regional N'siah

max gaffin
60th Regional Aleph Sgan

Danielle london
60th Regional Sh'licha

Isaac Leibowitz
60th Regional Aleph Mazkir
Makay Lakasch
Makayla karsch
Programming Coordinator

David hammer
Marketing/Membership Committee

Charlie rosin
60th Regional Aleph Godol

Emma Greenberg
60th Regional Aym Ha-Chaverot

Joe Hochberg
60th Regional Aleph Shaliach

Lily cohen
60th Regional Gizborit