Local Edition - Lake Ontario Region

June 2011/sivan 5771

Stay tuned in July for an International eNews featuring Summer Experiences!

In This Issue:

From the Regional Staff

BBYO Regional Office to Relocate to Prosserman JCC

Fun & Meaningful Experiences Await for 2011/2012

Enriching Programs for Middle Schoolers too

BBYO Releases Impact Study; Schusterman Celebrates BBYO in the JTA

New Teen Presidents attend White House Celebration

What's New This Summer?

Congratulations PDI Graduates

BBYO is Hiring!


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From the Regional Staff

Shalom and welcome to the June edition of our monthly e-news. As many of you prepare to head off to camp or on summer vacations, we're very excited to give you a glimpse of what's in store for the new BBYO year beginning in September.

A special thanks to all the teens, parents, friends and alumni who came out for Awards & Installs earlier this month where we presented our annual individual and chapter awards, announced the new chapter boards and installed the new regional board.

Award recipients included:

  • Ben Sterlin, recipient of the Brotherhood Award;
  • Melanie Levy-Hara, recipient of the Sisterhood Award in Honour of Debbi Silver;
  • Amanda Freedman, recipient of the Award for Emerging Leadership;
  • Alissa Malina, recipient of the Award for Outstanding Leadership in Memory of Marci Birzon;
  • Chapter Exodus AZA #1111 for Emerging Growth;
  • Chapter Magen AZA #2360 for Outstanding Growth; and,
  • Chapter L'Chaim BBG #2444 for Outstanding StandUp Campaign and for Chapter of the Year.

Mazel Tov to all BBYO teens on a landmark year of fun and meaningful experiences.

If you have any questions about anything in this eNews or would just like to chat, please be in touch! We can most easily be reached at 416.398.2004 or info@bbyo.ca.


Kevin Goodman, Program Director
Jessie Greenspan, Program Associate


BBYO Regional Office to Relocate to Prosserman JCC

It is with much excitement that we advise all families of our upcoming move to the Prosserman JCC on Sherman Campus (site of the former BJC).

Please note that our phone, fax and email will remain the same. Beginning August 15 our new address will be:

Prosserman JCC
4588 Bathurst Street #1-22
Toronto, ON M2R 1W8

T. 416.398.2004  F. 416.398.5780  E. info@bbyo.ca

All teens, parents, friends & alumni are invited to join us at the Prosserman JCC Open House for our housewarming celebration on Sunday August 21. Details to follow.

In the fall, chapters will continue to meet every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm, in Toronto at the Prosserman JCC (Room 1-23) and in Vaughan at Dufferin Clark Community Centre (Room 5). Chapter Meetings resume September 7.


Fun & Meaningful Experiences Await for 2011/2012

The newly elected Regional Board has been hard at work planning next year's regional calendar.

  • August 29 - Regional Execs - Regional and chapter leaders will come together to plan for the year ahead, with a focus on furthering the depth of chapter and community programming, expanding our reach through membership and involvement, and effectively making the world a better place.
  • Sept 16-18 - New Members Convention - Meet new teens from across the city, discover the rich history and traditions of AZA and BBG, experience a meaningful teen-led Shabbat and have a blast!
  • Sept 16-18 - Regional Leadership Training Convention - RLTC is your chance to learn the elements of leadership that will determine your success, both in your chapters and beyond.

Click here to browse the full 2011-2012 program calendar for grades 9-12.


Enriching Programs for Middle Schoolers too

BBYO provides students in grades 6, 7 and 8 with safe, enriching programming, fun activities and meaningful involvement in the community.

If you know any students in grades 6-8 who may be interested in our programs, please send their contact information to Kevin Goodman at kgoodman@bbyo.ca.

Click here to browse the full 2011-2012 program calendar for grades 6 to 8.


BBYO Releases Impact Study; Schusterman Celebrates BBYO in the JTA

JTA logo





It is our pleasure to share with you the Op-Ed, “Upping the ante: why I’m doubling down on the teen years,” published recently in the JTA and written by Lynn Schusterman, founding chair of BBYO, Inc. upon its independence from B’nai B’rith, on the immense communal benefit of investing in Jewish teens through our platform of fun, meaningful and affordable experiences.  We are deeply grateful for Lynn’s prescience, leadership and belief in the power of our youth to create positive change in the world while fortifying the Jewish future.

We encourage you to review the impressive results of the newly released BBYO Impact Study – independent research commissioned by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation to understand the impact of participation in BBYO on Jewish youth in their teenage years.  As you review this material, we hope you will take great pride in knowing that tens of thousands of BBYO teens and alumni are shaping the 21st century Jewish experience.


New Teen Presidents Attend White House Celebration

BBYO’s new International Teen Presidents for the 2011-2012 academic year, Samantha Levinson and Oz Fishman, were invited to the White House last month for a reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month. We’ve got their first hand account of the scene below!

Our Time at the White House

Hello BBYO! Last  month, we had the incredible honor of being invited to a White House reception for American Jewish Heritage Month. As we watched everyone taking pictures in front of the White House upon arrival, we couldn’t believe that in just moments we would be inside the actual building. Neither one of us had actually ever been invited to the White House before nor could we believe that this was our first official duty as International Teen Presidents!

Read more on their Keeping PACE blog!


What's New This Summer?

BBYO is kicking off Summer 2011 with the largest menu of program offerings ever and more than 1,500 teens taking part in BBYO experiences around the world! From a new Impact: Israel program to a new location for CLTC in Bethany, WV, BBYO will be keeping you posted on the latest action with our Summer Experiences Blogs. Check back frequently all summer for the latest news, happenings and photos.


Congratulations PDI Graduates

BBYO's first cohort of its Professional Development Institute graduated in May with MBA's from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and Certificates in Informal Jewish Education from Hebrew College in Boston! The program, which was fully funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation, is a testament to BBYO's commitment to professional development and building the next generation of leaders in the Jewish communal world. Participants committed professionally to BBYO for the three years of the program and to leadership positions anywhere in the Jewish community for two additional years. BBYO is proud of its graduates and several of their new positions in the Jewish community!


BBYO is Hiring!

BBYO offers exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions in an atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth for all. Opportunities are currently available for: