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BBYO, the world’s largest pluralistic Jewish teen organization, was founded to be a safe space where Jewish teens can feel proud of their heritage, draw strength from their peers and traditions, and advocate for causes they are passionate about. One hundred years after our founding, our community once again finds itself at a crossroads where these core values are not only timeless—they are necessary and critical for Jewish youth to thrive and succeed in our world.

As the rise in antisemitic attacks continues, we asked you what support BBYO could provide families at this time, and you overwhelmingly answered: help responding to, processing, and combating the rise of antisemitism at home and around the globe.

Below you’ll find a roundup of parent, teen, and general resources we hope you’ll find helpful for this. If you need additional support, please contact our team at [email protected]. We can stand against antisemitism by standing together.

In February 2024, BBYO conducted the first-ever survey of Jewish high school students to understand the impact of the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel and the subsequent rise in antisemitism. Jewish teens have seen a significant increase in antisemitic incidents in school and extracurricular activities, with 74% of students reporting harassment in person or online.



To better understand and support Jewish teens as they navigate antisemitism in its current forms, we invite you to explore the resources below, including links to special events and materials created especially for parents of teens by BBYO.

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Jewish Teens Looking at a New Factor in College Search: Antisemitism (article)

This article, published by JTA, sheds light on high school students rethinking their college decisions amid a spike in antisemitic incidents and a broad reckoning by American Jews in the wake of October 7th and the ensuing war.

Antisemitism in Schools: The Challenge of Supporting Jewish Students (webinar)

Rabbi Ron Fish of the ADL joins Drew Fidler of BBYO’s Center for Adolescent Wellness for a discussion on how to help your teen navigate anti-Jewish hate in their lives and anti-Israel rhetoric with their peers, on social media, and at school.

Social Media and the War in Israel (resource)

In the days following the October 7th terrorist attacks on Israel, BBYO’s Senior Director of the Center for Adolescent Wellness, Drew Fidler (LCSW), created this custom resource for parents on helping teens navigate social media during the war.

Unpacking the Moment: How to Talk About Israel with Your Teen (webinar)

Scott Lasensky, who served as a Senior Policy Advisor on Israel, the Middle East, and Jewish affairs in Washington and Israel, and Drew Fidler of BBYO’s Center for Adolescent Wellness, explore ways to talk to teens about Israel and answer difficult questions.

I Was Very Alone Today: Young Jewish Americans Grieve Over Israel (article)

In this article published in The New York Times, BBYO teen Ethan Smith shares his experience as a Jewish high school student today. He describes feelings of confusion, loss, and isolation following the terrorist attacks in Israel.

Supporting Your Teen with the Rise of Antisemitism (webinar)

In this free BBYO virtual webinar, guest speaker Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath, advises parents on what they need to know, and how they can best support teens –and themselves– with the rise in antisemitism.

Talking to Teens About Israel (webinar)

Dr. Debi Gilboa, a doctor, teen wellness expert, and parent of a lone solider in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), joins the BBYO virtual webinar series to guide parents on how to talk to teens about the situation in Israel.

’Always live openly’: Douglas Emhoff speaks against antisemitism at Dallas Convention (article)

In an article published in The Dallas Morning News, BBYO welcomed the Second Gentleman to the 2023 International Convention in Dallas for a roundtable discussion with teens about combating antisemitism.

BBYO and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) formed a partnership to equip Jewish teens with the tools to effectively respond to antisemitism and hate in communities, schools, and on social media. Teens can now use our joint reporting site to report incidents of antisemitism and bias.



With an uptick in antisemitic incidents across the world, BBYO continues to provide Jewish teens a platform and the tools they need to fight against antisemitism in all its forms.

Below, you will find a list of downloadable programs and resources from the AZA/BBG Toolbox to help you craft thoughtful opportunities in your communities. If you need support, reach out to our team at [email protected].

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How to Identify Antisemitism (program)

Program guide to help teens understand the definition of antisemitism and develop skills to be able to recognize it.

A Letter to Jewish Teens From a Jewish Teen (article)

In an article published in the Jewish Herald-Voice, Levi Fox, 98th Grand Aleph Godol, encourages teens to use their voices, educate themselves, and report acts of antisemitism.

Rise Up Leadership Cohort (activity)

In partnership with the ADL, members of this cohort will combat the rise of antisemitism by working on educational experiences, programming, speakers, and legislation. Sign into your ILN profile to apply!

The Impact of Social Media and Celebrity Influence on Combating Antisemitism (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Julia Bakman in Pacific Western Region.

Responding to Antisemitism: Activist, Ally, Advocate (program)

Program guide about understanding the different roles teens can take in responding to antisemitism, and feel empowered to use these skills when dealing with antisemitic incidents in your community.

It's Not Just Kanye (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Lea Thomas in Delta Region.

Antisemitism Response Club (activity)

This club unites teens from around the Order to discuss responses to antisemitism and serves as a resource for leaders to facilitate events addressing antisemitism. (Host: Josh Danziger, Lonestar Region)

Antisemitism: Coping with the Harsh Reality (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Sofie Glassman in Nassau Suffolk Region.

Rising Antisemitism on American College Campuses (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Maren Hettler in North Texas Oklahoma Region.

Facing Hatred: My First Confrontation with Antisemitism (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Kylee Garfield in Pacific Western Region.

A Conversation with Deborah Lipstadt at IC 2023 (interview)

Teen press corps member, Ariella Ayenesazan, interviews Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, Deborah Lipstadt, in the green room at BBYO International Convention 2023.

Tips for Stopping Antisemitism (article)

Authored article in The Shofar written by Zoe Josefson in Great Midwest Region.

The ADL Center on Extremism reports a nearly 400-percent increase in preliminary antisemitic incidents reported year-over-year. Check out the map to see how this is impacting Jews all over the world.



Explore accounts across Instagram, TikTok, and a round up of Podcasts (on all platforms where podcasts are accessible), as well as links to key resources we’ve compiled, to access tools to learn, take action, and share ways to combat hate in all forms.


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Active Jewish Voices

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On Tuesday, November 14, the BBYO community—teens, alumni, parents, supporters, and friends — participated in the National March for Israel in Washington D.C., alongside 300,000 Israel advocates and allies. Learn more about BBYO’s participation and sponsorship of the pre-event youth rally.