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Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

Are you getting excited for the upcoming election? Having great leadership is vital for insuring a promising future for us all … that’s why your vote counts more than ever! This isn’t the presidential election we’re talking about here, it’s the KIO Regional Board election! Arguably, even more important than Obama vs. Romney, at least as far as BBYO is concerned!

You have the ability to directly influence the outcome of this election, not only by attending KIO’s upcoming Regional Convention December 21-24 (in Cincinnati), and casting your vote, but by running for one of the five board positions. So whether you decide to throw your hat into the ring, or just help decide who’s going to lead us into 2013 and beyond, I hope you will let your voice be heard. To learn more about the regional board duties and responsibilities, click here to get in touch with any one of our current or past board members. I look forward to seeing you at Regionals, and before that, our upcoming Spirit Convention, this weekend. Go KIO!


The Ladies of Louisville's Jay Levine want YOU at Spirit Convention

Click here to watch their promotional video.

KIO BBYO is Growing!

Our year is already off to a great start! KIO has nearly 100 more teens this year than we had at this time last year! We have exceeded our membership goals and are still going strong. Now is a better time than ever to be part of the fastest growing region in BBYO so if you have friends who might be interested in joining, bring them to your next meeting or event and see how fast they get bitten by the BBYO bug. Check out what’s going on and coming up in KIO below:

What's Up KIO?


The guys of Mishpocha and the ladies of Ner Tamid have had an excellent couple months of holiday celebrations! Our Rosh Hashana program was held at Amerbley Green, a local park, where we cast bread into the lake in order to clear our minds and get ready for the new year. We also had some fun Sukkot themed programs, but now that the holiday season is over, we are ready to get back into our regular meetings and programs.

Congratulations to Sarah Wolf for an excellent and creative Rosh Hashana program! You brought the whole city together at a new location for an event that both guys and girls could enjoy together. Keep up the good work!

Upcoming Events:

Cincy BBYO teams up with USY for a Reality TV Mash-Up, Saturday, November 3rd

Now you can find out if you have what it takes to outlast, outwit and outplay when BBYO and USY team up for the Reality TV Mash-Up: A Pregame Party and Game Show Smack Down on Saturday, November 3rd at 7:30pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cincinnati. Teams will compete in a series of action packed challenges borrowed from some of today’s most popular reality shows such as The Amazing Race, America’s Got Talent, Top Chef, the Apprentice and more. Each member of the winning team will receive a $20 cash prize. In addition, participants will be treated to decadent desserts and unlimited visits to the hot chocolate bar. The event is FREE with an advance RSVP to Matt at and is open to all members, and potential members, of BBYO and USY, and will end before 10pm allowing plenty of time to go out afterward with friends.

11/9: Ner Tamid #2490’s BBG Shabbat

Weekly meetings will continue on Monday nights


The guys of Pops played “Disability Basketball” to educate their chapter. Players were given a disability and had to play the full game under the restrictions. Educational and athletic, the program was a huge success, as everyone left with knowledge, understanding, and a smile!

Heart held its second annual Rosh Hashana Apple Smashing. The boys began by discussing the holiday, how they celebrate it, and why it’s important. They concluded their program by bashing apples, a messy but fun transition into the new year!

Aliah wrapped up its Rosh Hashana gift bag program, selling gift bags to raise money for their chapter, as well as donating some to charity. The girls put together some beautiful bags, and sold a bunch! What a solid way to start the year!

Bat Shalom joined together in Israeli Dancing! Turkish Kiss and all, these girls learned new dances and learned about each other while dancing!

Upcoming Programs:

11/10: Toga Party, 8-11 pm. Click here for more information and/or to register. Entire Region is invited to attend.


Weprin- Kadima celebrated Sukkot with style! They shook the lulav and enjoyed great grub under the roof of the beautiful Jacobs family sukkah. This has been a mainstay of the chapter for the past three years and we thank the Jacobs family for their hospitality and phenomenal cooking. According to Sarah Abrams, Hatikvah Mazkirah, “the Sukkot program was a great time. Not only were you able to see your lovely BBG sisters and some cool AZAs, but we also did something for the good of the people. when I first walked in, I saw so many elderly people who were impressed with our work. It was such a fun time!”

Dayton is very excited for the upcoming Spirit Convention! From producing a movie to coming up with original cheers, Weprin-Kadima will win back the Spirit Stick!”

The men of Weprin-Kadima got together for a sleepover last weekend. They celebrated Shabbat, made a movie, and roasted s'mores in the firepit. Thank you to the Africks for opening their house!

Upcoming Events:
11/14: Salsa Dancing
11/28: Top Chef Competition


Indy kicked off the year by sending a record number of AZA's and BBG's to the KIO Roundtables and Basketball Tournament over Labor Day Weekend with over with nearly 40 Indy kids attending that weekend, and nearly 25% being there first regional event!

The month continued with a Confronting Antisemitism workshop put on by the Anti-Defamation League. Our teens gathered togethered with other Jewish teens from the community to discuss the realities of antisemitism in their everyday lives, how to confront it, and how to prevent it from spreading. This was a very positive and moving experience that not only provided solid tips and techniques to confronting this ever-present problem, but also brought our teens together to strengthen their Jewish identities.

Recently, Indy enjoyed a dinner night at Puccini's, AZA dodgeball and a BBG ice cream social.

Upcoming Events:


On Saturday October 13th Jay Levine and Louisville BBYO participated in the Race for a Cure, in order to do something hands-on for this month's Stand-up cause, which is Breast Cancer. On October 17th and 24th, everyone met at the JCC to plan for Spirit Convention.
While the Stand-Up cause for October is Breast Cancer, in September the cause was hunger, so Jay Levine raised funds and gathered food cans to donate to the JFCS Food Pantry.

On September 28th, Jay Levine held its first ever Sukkot program! The girls got educated on the holiday, built their own candy Sukkah, and created Sukkot decorations to donate to a local Jewish retirement home.

Congratulations to the Drew Corson Board for planning such a great lock –in at the JCC at the beginning of October!

Upcoming Events:

In Our Region:

Save the Date: Regional Events for 2012-2013

In Our Order: Registration for the Voice Your Vote Teen Issue Summit, IC 2013 WAITLIST information, the opening of BBYO Passport Summer 2013!

Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

Share the BBYO Connect experience with a middle school teen you know!

AZA and BBG Shabbat is Coming Soon

On November 9 – 11 over 3,000 6 – 12 grade teens from around the world will participate in AZA and BBG Global Shabbat. This is our opportunity to celebrate Judaism’s most holy of days as a worldwide movement. Over 1,000 teens voted for this years AZA and BBG Global Shabbat themes: AZA: Hinei Ma Tov Umanaim Shevet Achim Gam Yachad, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together and BBG: L’Mangeenat Ha’achayot, To the Tune of Sisterhood.

Register Today to Voice Your Vote!

This Election Day, BBYO will be set up in one of our nation’s most crucial states: Ohio. Less than 20 spots remain for Voice Your Vote: A Teen Issue Summit on the 2012 Election and Civic Responsibility.

On November 5-7 in Cleveland Ohio, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the top issues voters face today, volunteer on either side of the campaign to make an impact, and enjoy an election results viewing party with teens from around the country. For more information or to register go to

AZA BBG International Convention 2013 Waitlist Information

Alephs and BBGs Worldwide -

We are very excited that KIO teens will be attending IC! As you know by now, IC registration opened to a record response. In less than 20 hours IC registration opened a waitlist in an effort to accomodate every teen that is interested in attending.

This wait-list is not a barrier for attending. Please continue to add yourselves to the wait-list or e-mail with questions.

We are determined to admit as many members into IC 2013 as we can!

Registration is now Open for BBYO Passport Trips!

Join BBYO for a summer of new experiences, new friendships and a new way of looking at the world. Passport trips span destinations on five continents and combine elements of active touring, community service, and meaningful Jewish experiences. Our programs embrace pluralistic Jewish values and provide opportunities for inspiration, connection, and community.

Passport trips are perfect for anyone with a spirit for adventure. Prior involvement with BBYO is not necessary.

Reserve your spot now - The $150 Early Early Bird registration discount is available to the first 150 teens who register before November 26, 2012. Take advantage of our no-risk registration policy and save!

Save the Date:

  • Registration for BBYO's Summer Experiences opens on November 1, 2012! Learn more online!